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    How do you recruit your MTs for Essentials Online?

      Facilitating Essentials Online requires a unique set of skills.


      What do you look for in potential MTs for Online Essentials? How do you recruit MTs with the reqired skills?

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          From the March 15 ITA call, here's what was shared:

          Arizona (Lillian):  Does the recruiting through their portal.  They rely upon the materials provided by Alison to help in selecting MTs.  They don't have anything specific for the online MTs.  They do use the PBS Teacherline course as an introduction/pre-requisite for prospective EOL MT candidates.

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            Hi Linda:


            I contact former PTs and request them to become MTs so they can redeliver the Intel courses and former PLs to redeliver the Leadership forum.


            Also, I just "liberated" a link Vanessa Jones posted which makes available some videos on the Intel courses.




            Give me a holler if this looks good to you, too.


            I hope all who read this will let me know in a reply here to Linda how they think they can use these videos.

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              Bonnie Feather

              I wonder if we could "hone" our facilitation skills here in this group.  I believe all of us could be better facilitators if we had some expert advice, then some practice with one another.  Then we would have some practical suggestions here in the community for our new MTs.


              What do others think about this idea?


              Is there any thought that the MT training for Essentials Online should include some specific training in successful online facilitation skills?  Currently is there any component of the MT training which you believe specifically leads to successful facilitation online?

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                  I am about to begin a new Intel Essentials class.  We will meet on Saturdays.  When I told them that the course could be hybrid with us meeting the first and last Saturday, they jumped at the idea.  I think it was a relief since they are already overwhelmed with meetings and workshops during the week.  Not having to give up their Saturday too was a no brainer . . . .