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    Promoting Intel Education at the State Level to Build Capacity


      Greetings Everyone,


      I have been a little quiet in the Intel Engage Community these past two weeks, due to preparation of spotlight and workshop presentations at our state WI WEMTA Conference March 17th-19th. ( I think the state conference owns my life at this point - oh and did I tell you I was just elected as President Elect of our state conference and President in two years from now?  What am I getting myself into?  Oh...it will be all good- just need to find balance now... happy thoughts....happy thoughts).


      But..... I am so excited to announce that we will be having a dedicated WI Intel Rockstar Night!  Tierney Brothers- a SMART Technologies affiliate and reseller is assisting us with a co-sponsorship for this funfilled night.  Thanks for Intel Education for providing Intel T-shirts/polos from the earlier shipment in the Fall and now once again this Spring with more polos and cool Intel tools to be as prizes for this event! Tierney Brothers is also providing cool pens, awesome post-its, wrist jump drives, funky water/gel mice, and a $2400 SMART Response system.app


      I have talked my hubby into being the photographer for the evening, and to also do some impromptu flip video interviews with educators from the tri-state area- this should be interesting- I will see what happens with this.  I will share and link out to my blog- photos and stories from this event to note what went well, what didn't go so well, and how to modify for next year's conference event.


      Intel Education has also sent out marketing flyers of the new Intel Teach Elements PBA course to share at our event- and I am so excited to distribute these flyers to get educators and administrators excited about these new online contnet and courses. Thanks Intel Education for all you do!!!


      Okay- I am off.