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    Changing the Font for Sustainability


      Have you seen this story?


      14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani figured out, that among Garamond, Times New Roman, Century Gothic, and Comic Sans, Garamond is the most efficient typeface. He was looking to save his school district money, and he found that printing only in Garamond could cut ink costs by 24%. He then ran numbers and discovered that if the U.S. government and all state governments made this change, it could save an estimated $467 million each year.



      What do you think?

      • What would be the primary challenges in implementing a change like this?
      • What are other surprising, seemingly small changes that could save money and resources?
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          Implementation would be a challenge. Even in schools, where it is a stated initiative to embrace technology, getting people past the fear of messing something up or self proclaimed technological illiteracy would keep many from imply switching the default font on all applicable programs. Another roadblock would be getting format manuals (APA, MLA etc) to change standards for formal submissions to journals and other scholarly endeavors.

          That being said, after posting this, I will make sure change my defaults from Arial to Garamond - or at least look to see how arial adds up.


          Other simple steps would be lowering the inactive sleep time on work computers, lowering the brightness settings and possibly even rationing paper to limit unnecessary printing (this has been done in several of the schools I have worked in and suddenly, all teachers became much more proficient in double sided printing and fitting multiple pages into one page.

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            Bonnie Feather

            Well, I note that Marshal posted this question on April 1, "April Fool's Day" in the U.S. I went off to Snopes and it wasn't found there...so far, so good.


            After a quick search, I found that the result is not so clear-cut. Read this article to learn more...



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              As a scientist, I found the young man's data compelling. I'm considering how a font change might benefit my own school. I enjoyed the article: Did An Ad Agency Just Create "The World's Most Beautiful Sustainable Font?" I agree the font looks very nice. The typeface Ryman Eco is available for free.

              • What do you think - is this a beautiful font?
              • Do you still print papers? Would this font be a good replacement for everything you print?