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    What are you doing for Earth Day?


      April 22 is the day we celebrate Earth Day. In recent years it has expanded from one day to a full week. What do you know about the history of Earth Day?  Did you know:


      "Rachel Carson’s 1962 bestseller “Silent Spring” raised the specter of the dangerous effects of pestisides on America’s countrysides. Later in the decade, a 1969 fire on Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River shed light on the problem of chemical waste disposal. Until that time, protecting the planet’s natural resources was not part of the national political agenda, and the number of activists devoted to large-scale issues such as industrial pollution was minimal. Factories pumped pollutants into the air, lakes and rivers with few legal consequences. Big, gas-guzzling cars were considered a sign of prosperity. Only a small portion of the American population was familiar with–let alone practiced–recycling." Read more here


      It is important that we address environmental issues at school to build awareness of changes in our climate. Let's connect and share ideas of lessons/activities that each of us could do with our students or our own children at home. So how about it? What are you plans for Earth Day/Week?