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    Classroom Challenge – EDpuzzle – April 2014


      Flipping  the classroom is a form of blended learning.  It empowers students by giving them online content through video lectures.  Students can watch the videos during free time at school or in the comfort of their homes.  With EdDuzzle, teachers can personalize learning and better interact with students.  Explore today's challenge and learn how EDpuzzle can make a difference in your classroom.


      What is


      1. Make a video of your lesson.
      2. Find a video and crop it to use only what you need
      3. Insert audio notes or record over a video with your voice
      4. Add questions at any point in the video and track students' understanding.
      5. Create a video or customize videos from youtube or your uploaded video
      6. Create an assignment
      7. Assign a video lesson to students
      8. Watch analytics

      Click here to view videos in the EDpuzzle library and consider ideas for using it in your classroom.

      1. EdPuzzle allows you to add your voice and questions to educational videos.
      2. You can search for educational videos from Khan Academy and Learn Zillion.
      3. Voice comments can be added to video.
      4. A series of questions can be created to go along with your video.
      5. Questions are placed along a timeline that match the video.



      Click here to view the EDpuzzle introduction video and learn how it can be used to create interactive videos and support the use of student data for academic growth.

      Register and use EDpuzzle to introduce concepts, reteach topics, evaluate information, analyze data, and provide formative assessments to enhance learning.


      Spend some time with EDpuzzle and create a video to engage students in your classroom.  Return and share how EDpuzzle was used to make a difference in your learning environment.