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    I Want to Ride My Bicycle


      https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTPinIGM1Z2usVhsBKEsXcMYwt-mN_lWrJ20sfJb3gd-9t2Jr-3With Earth Week upon us, and the greening of the classroom, I wanted to reach out and see what sorts of great service learning projects with a green spin (pun intended) were going on out there. I feel like teachers in the Engage Community are doing a particularly good job of making paper free lessons, but what about all this tech? How can we promote clean energy, responsible recycling, proper disposal and maximized life of our gadgets that are helping keep trees in the ground? As leaders of technology in our schools , how can we help our students learn to go further and be examples of sustainability in a culture of upgrading?


      Any service learning projects going on out there that could be replicated?

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          Intel is piloting a bike program that is pretty cool. They have plans to place bikes at our main locations for employees to use on breaks or lunch or if they need to ride between facilities. I'll grab some pictures and post when I see them. Students can probably come up with many ideas like this with their creative minds. Or explore what other countries are doing.

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              Our school has a pretty good recycling, upcycling, and composting program. Also, we encourage parents to carpool and students to walk or ride bikes to school. We re-use paper for origami projects and save scraps for activities that involve art. We use cloth towels for spills and turn off our classroom computers daily. And, we teach about the need for efficiency and conservation. Having said all that, it is still a constant effort (even for myself) to follow the guidelines and advice that we espouse.

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                I've recently had several students comment about riding bikes. Most recognize I use a bike as my preferred method of transportation. Several have asked about riding their own bikes to school. The biggest concern is locking up the bike at school. As a Title One school, many students have been given a bike but do not have a lock. Our school has provided some locks but does not have enough for all students that desire this option.


                What suggestions does this community have to help encourage these students as they work to "go green?"

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                I wish our students could ride bikes to school but they are on buses that are sent all across the city. We have 87 schools in our district and not a single one of them is a community school...sad but true! We do try to keep up with the "jones" with our recycling. We recycle everything and there are those very environmental teachers that will give you the evil eye when you throw something away that should be recycled but I do appreciate them because they make us better citizens. What are you doing in your school to keep it green?