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    Celebrate School Library Month


      April is School Library Month.  It is a celebration of school librarians and their programs. Read about the history of School Library Month.  The theme for  2014 is Lives change @ your library®So in celebration of School Library Month, I would like to share how my librarian changed my life.


      My earliest knowledge of the librarian was in elementary school.  I remember walking in a straight line single file to the library, sitting Indian style in a semi circle around a big brown rocking chair with a soft brown pillow neatly placed in the bottom. In the chair set a beautiful thin woman with graying curls combed neatly away from her face.  I listened intently as she read to the class, stopping to show the pictures as she read each page.  At the completion of the story, every child in the class wanted to check the book out to read again at home.  Mrs. Bowser, the librarian, knew that she did not have enough books for all students to check out the book that she had read, so she knowingly had previously pulled books by the same author for students to consider.

      With this fond memory in mind, I would submit that Mrs. Bowser provided me the opportunity to visit foreign countries, to become a princess, a hero, to save the day through the pages of a book.  Because of Mrs. Bowser, not only did I gain a love for reading but for school, the environment, and confidence in myself.  She would end each of her lessons with “Change your life with a good book”! 

      So in honor of Mrs. Bowser, I would like you to join me in reading and discussing the book, “The Little Prince”.  In the book, the author, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, exposes the ignorance that accompanies an incomplete and narrow-minded perspective.  

      In chapter 1, The Little Prince draws a picture of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant, but adults use the grown-up perspective and can only see a hat. This implies that many adults, after growing up forget what it is like to be a child; they are no longer imaginative and see things for what they are.  Student academic performance and self-esteem are enhanced when teachers set high expectations that empower students and encourage creativity.  What strategies could be used to encourage "The Little Prince's creativity in Chapter 1?