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    Community Collaborative: Teachers Engage Earth Day Mosaic



      Happy Earth Day!


      Today Intel unveils the Project Earth mosaic on Intel.com. Intel employees were asked to submit photos that showcase what sustainability means to them, and these photos were compiled to form an interactive mosaic!


      We'd like to create our own mosaic for Teachers Engage. Reply to this discussion with a picture that showcases what sustainability and/or global citizenship and stewardship means for education and the students we teach, and you'll be entered into our sweepstakes drawing for a great prize.


      These can be photos you take yourself, or photos you find. Note, if you do find a photo on the web, be a good 21st Century Global Citizen and be certain (1) you have permission to use the photo, and (2) you give credit in the appropriate way. One great source for such photos is http://compfight.com. You can search by keyword, filter by images that are free to use and/or available under Creative Commons. If you click Creative Commons under license, you will find directions for properly crediting the image source. (More on Creative Commons licensing)


      solarcharger.jpgEveryone who shares an image will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for one of three Anker® 14W Solar Panel Foldable Dual-port Solar Charger for 5V USB-charged Devices Including GPS Units, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Android Tablets. You can use this great prize to charge all your portable electronic devices in a sustainable and Earth-friendly way!


      Rules: You can begin sharing photos right away. We will accept entries in the sweepstakes drawing until May 30, 2014. Because we are giving away three prizes, this sweepstakes becomes active when we receive 20 entries. Click the Intel Bunnyman image at the top of the post for rules and fine print


      (Image Credit: ANKER)