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    Go to the Library...but which one?


      Libraries are wonderful places to find information, and the Internet offers a different type of access to information. When your students hear, "Go to the Library", what do they do? Do they physically go to a library, or do they "Google it"?


      As a techno_solver, I would end up on a computer. So does "Google it" solve this issue of finding the right information, or information with a unique twist? Google does have many wonderful researching lessons. If you haven't seen them, take a look. There are specialty search engines for specific subjects, age groups and even learning styles.


      There are search and notation sites that offer collaboration and easy to create citations.


      Getting back to my original question of what "Library" would they go to? Many seasoned researchers are aware of the Library of Congress, not only as a resource, but for PD in learning how to research. If your students are doing research on either World War, it is a good place to look for information... but again I ask "which Library"?


      Whether "history is written by the winners" or "history is written by the losers", an interesting debate, each National Library has their own records of events recorded. Here is a list of some great National Libraries you should send your students to.


      Russia     Scotland     Britain      Australia


      What search engines do you prefer and why?

      What notation and note taking sites do you like and why?

      Have you sent students to other Libraries? What Libraries? What did you think of the outcome?