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    Engage 1:1: Infrastructure Considerations


      Watch the Recorded Webinar Here.

      Preparing your district for technology tools that will help support learning is no easy feat. Join us on Thursday, May1st from 8-9pm EST to hear how districts are preparing their schools for 21st century learning by filling the gap. Whether it's bandwidth or network equipment that needs to be upgraded, gain some insight to help you prepare your district for technology-rich learning environments to help support interactive and flexible learning.


      Our presenters include:

      • Brian Dittfeld, Indian Valley Local Schools, OH
      • Cyril Simone, Dimension Eleven, NY/NJ


      Brian Dittfeld is the Technology Director for Indian Valley Local Schools in Ohio. He is responsible for overseeing the district's 1:1 initiative with Chromebooks and assessing and upgrading the infrastructure necessary to support it. He has presented his district's 1:1 high school implementation process at numerous events sharing his experiences around the process of making the switch to Chromebooks; the benefits of switching to Chromebooks; setting them up, and managing them in a 1:1 setting.


      Cyril Simone is President and Founder of Dimension Eleven, and has created a process to determine what infrastructure needs are when deploying and implementing high density devices. He is also responsible for all the field and infrastructure support one of the largest roll-out of Android devices in the U.S.


      howardsucceed and I are looking forward to seeing you tonight!