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    Classroom Challenge - Mixbook - May 2014


      According to the US Department of Education, National Institute of Literacy Research Data, 19% of U.S. high school graduates and 774 million people worldwide cannot read.  So this month’s classroom challenge will explore strategies for collaborating while simultaneously building reading and writing skills.   Since May is the month that we will celebrate Mother’s Day, the goal is to create a global Mother’s Day card! Explore this month’s challenge and send a special greeting to your mother!


      What is


      Mixbook is a free online service for creating and sharing customizable photo books, cards and calendars.  Mixbooks can be shared with others to view online, embed on a web site or on a wiki.  A shared Mixbook can be edited by the person to whom you have shared your book.  Mixbooks can be used to create:

      1. Manuals
      2. Reports
      3. Digital stories
      4. Poetry books
      5. Alphabet books
      6. Collaborative activities
      7. Photo books
      8. Yearbooks
      9. Build reading and writing skills

      Click here to view a collaborative project and consider strategies for empowering students with MixBook in your classroom.

      • Click here to Register for a MixBook account.
      • Login and explore templates, images and pages.



      Click here to view a short tutorial on how to create a MixBook. Consider your standard course of study as you begin thinking of ways to use MixBook to engage students in mastery learning.

      1. Click here to access the shared Mixbook.
      2. Scroll down and select Join on the bottom left
      3. If you are new to MixBook, create an account; otherwise, Login
      4. Send a request to join (the author of the MixBook must accept your request before you can collaborate).
      5. Read the Mother's Day message on the previous page
      6. create an new page or use an existing unclaimed page to  upload an image (does not have to be picture of mother) and write  a mother’s day message for your mother.
      7. After completing your page, return to this discussion and tag a community member to create a new page to add to the Global Mother's Day Card.
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          If you are concerned with students creating an account, you can create ONLY ONE account (using your email address and a password that you create for your school MixBook account), students can all log in to that account.  All student projects will now be under your control and supervision. 


          Here are a few additional ways to use MixBook in the classroom:

          1. An illustrated guide to how to do something (like how to do a certain sport or exercise, or any procedure relevant to lessons taught).
          2. Retelling historical event
          3. Write an alternate ending to a novel or story.
          4. A day-in-the-life of someone in a career of interest.
          5. A short story, illustrated with photos.
          6. An autobiography, featuring scanned photos of age progression.
          7. A book about rainforests (or prairies, or trees, or musical instruments, or continents, or mathematicians, or rocks and minerals, or how an oil refinery works, or other curriculum based concepts).
          8. A yearbook for the class or whole school, using photos taken throughout the year.
          9. A book about a dream vacation, including a realistic budget of expenses, photos of places and monuments, etc.
          10. A field guide to the birds in the area (or mammals, or cites and towns, etc.).
          11. A tribute to parents or guardians, or grandparents, or brothers and sisters.
          12. A book of famous quotes to live by (with photos of the people quoted, or photos acting out the consequences of the advice.

          The digital book is always online and can be shared with others for viewing.  @Susan Gauthier, now that you know more about MixBook, click on the link located in the Create section above and add to the Mother's Day Book. Yes Susan, I have tagged you!