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    Join the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge!


      Have you ever thought about what a wearable may look like? Well this is your chance! Wearables are devices, clothing, and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies that can have practical function or purely about aesthetics.


      The MAKE IT WEARABLE Challenge is all about cultivating both creative and practical elements of wearable technology. Think about a type of problem you have and how creating a wearable could solve it. Is there a type of clothing or accessory that you think could be improved by making it “blinged out” with a technology element? This is your chance to explore and be creative.


      What it is: The challenge is a two-track initiative aimed at supporting and advancing the evolution of wearables.

      1. The first phase of the challenge is the Dream It (VISIONARY) Track. Individual participants will submit a 1 minute video describing their idea for a new and innovative wearable technology.
      2. The second phase of the challenge beginning this month (May) is the Build It (DEVELOPMENT) Track. Instead of focusing on the potential, this track is looking for an idea that is both innovative AND feasible to develop.

      How to Enter: Create an account for the challenge here (http://www.makeit.intel.com/users/sign_up). Once you create an account you will be able to submit your ideas via a link to a 1-minute YouTube video. Specific details can be found under the “Submission” section of the FAQ. (http://www.makeit.intel.com/faq)



      • The Dream It (VISIONARY) Track has two more phases, with the next round closing on May 25th.
      • The Build It (DEVELOPMENT) Track opens on May 13th.

      (Once you create an account you will be notified of all key milestones in the challenge.)


      • VISIONARY Track—The finalists from each round will be featured on the site. The winners will each receive $5,000 in funding and a prize package to attend the MAKE IT WEARABLE gala event.
      • DEVELOPMENT Track—Ten (10) finalists will receive $50,000 and mentoring to help develop their idea and attend the MAKE IT WEARABLE gala event. The grand prize winner will receive $500,000; $200,000 awarded to second place winner and $100,000 to the third place winner.

      For Further Information: See the Make It Wearable FAQ here (http://www.makeit.intel.com/faq) or the official rules here (http://www.makeit.intel.com/rules/english.pdf).

      Get Involved!

      Brainstorming is a great way to spark inspiration and development of ideas. Watch the trailer on the main challenge page (http://www.makeit.intel.com/) for a brief introduction. We encourage you to share ideas and begin brainstorming in the comments thread below. You never know where your next idea may come from!

      • Does the trailer spark any ideas? If you were to enter, what would you want to make? Comment below.
      • Check out Intel’s Wearable Technology News page (http://www.makeit.intel.com/news) to see what is happening in wearable technology. After viewing the news page ideas, come back and comment on something represented that you might use. Are there any modifications you would suggest?
      • Organize a team to develop an entry, and represent here. How might you go about brainstorming? What process would you use to develop your idea as a team?
      • Think about how you could adapt this challenge for the classroom. What would you have your students do? Are there other considerations or resources you could use or point your students to?