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    Intel program helps teachers widen horizons


      In today’s Arizona Republic is a follow up story that goes into more depth of how Intel Teach is making a difference in AZ.



      How is the Intel Teach Program making a difference in your state or community?

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          What a great story. I loved how it included ideas on how students are using Intel Teach as part of their learning process. I'm sad to say that Utah does not have any "inspiring stories" about Intel Teach right now. Perhaps if/when teachers who have participated in the program begin receiving awards and mention Intel Teach there will be positive news stories. My goal now is to encourage more teachers I have trained to apply for awards and hope they are successful. I know, they will comment about how Intel Teach benefits their students.


          I've long felt it is important to be proactive in promoting good things that are happening in schools. I've learned from the recognitions I have received that I can use the recognition to direct positive news towards my school.


          Does anyone know of upcoming contests I can point teachers towards?