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    Assembler 64 bits windows

      Hello! I am new in the community, so please have patience. And I do not speak english very well.

      Well, I am new in the assembly language, I was studying the assembly 32 bits with FASM. But, I want study now the 64 bits assembly, because I thing that in the future we will use more 64 bits processor, right? So, I am in a transition to 64 bits assembly. I use a 64 bits windows 8 machine.


      So, I searched a assembler to 64 bits machine. I found. Is the MASM (ml64.exe), but I only can get it in the virtual studio?? Because I do not have money enough to buy the virtual studio, I just want the MASM for 64 bits machine, but I am not finding. If have other assembler 64 bits, please tell me. Thanks.


      And one more thing, if you have any document that could help me in this transition, I will be happy if you give me.Tips are welcome too. Thanks._