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    Any ideas of practical activities of pollution?

      Am a teacher at Karibu Centre, teaching boys and girls club aged between 9 and 14 years. Please share any ideas that u may

      have on a practical activity to do with the kids. Something fun that involves them getting their hands dirty and collaborate with each other 'team spirit'.

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          My mind is wandering with thoughts, many incomplete, but they are good starting points.


          1- Take styrofoam cups and see how small they can reduce the cup in volume. Take cups, or plastic silverware and what useful item can you create (recycle).

          2- Every day have the students place something small (candy wrapper, fingernail clipping....) onto a small tray. Have them guess how long the small items will become an "eyesore" and fill the tray. Determine time, volume, and guess what would happen school wide if this was done.

          3-If in Science you have a "stream bed" where you place sand, create a river and place different weighted objects into the flow of water to see how far they travel and how much is needed to alter the rate and flow of the water.


          Sort of "reverse" ideas...

          4- Think archaeology in reverse. In a sand box, place random items and cover. Have students go on a "dig" and determine what culture lived there.

          5- Think Crime Scene Investigation. Definitely wear gloves. clean up a local area (park, river, empty lot) and determine volume of debris, if each person threw out one item, how many people were littering, could any of the items be recycled or reused?


          Just some thoughts.



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            Hi Victoria,

            What if you had your students spend some time observing the area where you live and identify areas of pollution they would like to tackle? This way they are seeing for themselves what the problems are and because of this, will have a vested interest in coming up with an action plan and solution.

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              Hi Victoria,


              Have you thought about having someone skype or google hangout to your class? I know that many of the US National Parks have Park Rangers who will video conference into your class to discuss what is going on in their National Parks.  I am sure they could focus on pollution.  This will allow your students to hear first hand from the people who deal with pollution every day and in the "real world".

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                I've had students cut a small hole in the middle of a small card. Scotch tape was then placed on one side (so the sticky portion was under the hole.) Students put a string through the top of the card and hung it from tree branches. They were surprised at the stuff they found on their tape the next day. If you have a magnifying lens you can see the pollution and pollen that lands on the tape.

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                  Victoria not sure if they have computers or if you can project but here are several sites that look at pollution. I would give them a visual journey regarding pollution by googling images and using some of those in a slide showing; water, air, waste, even population. Let them begin to think of solutions (brainstorm) and from that determine one thing they can do differently. I would emphasize that there is  only one planet,one sky and one body of water. Have them become scientist and check their water. Take a walk and just collect trash and have them use math multiply that by the people in their community, and then by 12 months how much trash is that. Show them the outcome of trash, how it kills small animals.  Have them create art only using trash, including fashion. (Together they could recreate  their  community  using trash.)There are other ideas on these sites. Thank you for helping to keep our students and children informed they will inherit a great deal of problems regarding the question of pollution in the future,so lets plant the seed of solutions early.






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                    Hello Victoria

                    I have the advantage of having a backdoor in my classroom that open to a large unoccupied playground. I group the students into 3's and each group has one ft. square to set up their community. The groups must also have some means of industry. We can use this scenario in many different activities in the outdoor classroom. The students  seem to enjoy being outside and working on 21st century problems.


                    Hope this helps


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                      I looked up Karibu Center, and it appears that you are in Kenya. Here is a website I found that is surveying perceptions about pollution in Kenya: Pollution in Kenya

                      You could have your students contribute to the survey, and the students can conduct their own survey and compare it with their observations. Perhaps they could identify pollution problems in the area around the center and devise a plan to cut down on the pollution. Do you have any recycling or upcycling (terracycling) resources?


                      Students could identify wasteful practices at the center and find ways to reduce waste/improve efficiency.

                      The custodians at our school sweep the floors after the students have gone, and they sweep up just about everything. I make sure that my students pick up everything off of the floor before they leave. I have had students do a science fair project in which they count all the different usable items that have been swept up in a section of the school and calculated the cost.

                      Also, we keep a scrap box for used paper for students to reuse. When students need construction paper, they check the scrap box first. When we do origami projects we use leftover fliers/handouts.

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                        It would be a good idea to have students identify problems at home as well as in the school.  This would give them a conversation piece with parents.  This lesson would be a good starting point http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/resources/stormwater/HSIEteachguide/s2activity5.pdf. This activity will help to personalize the lesson and make connections to home, school and local community.