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    STEM Snacks: Biology Posters


      I have enjoyed staceylazarus' discussion Creating Posters for Projects: Techno_solver helping Technophobes. Throughout the discussion, several ideas have been shared on how Posters can benefit student learning. With Stacey's permission, I am continuing the Poster idea with this month's Stem Snack.


      During the past month my Biology class focused on Evolution. Our Biology core requires students to differentiate between Natural Selection and Selective Breeding.


      I wanted students to demonstrate their comprehension of these two concepts. I decided to invite students to create posters. Each student selected a picture for each concept from Pics4Learning. I appreciate how Pics4Learning provides copyright friendly images for education. Students then used the Motivator option of BigHugeLabs to create their posters. Each student was to submit a poster for each concept. Poster requirements were fairly simple:

      1. Make sure the title is either Natural Selection or Selective Breeding.
      2. Use a picture that demonstrates the title you've chosen.
      3. Write a short description of how your title and image fit together.
      4. Include the URL where the image was copied from.


      Students expressed shock when the class period ended. Most commented “how did class go by so fast?” I observed students were engaged and focused throughout the class. As I reviewed student posters, I learned how well they comprehended the content. Rarely did I see any posters that did not exceed expectations for the project.

      While my example is based on Biology, I wondered how such poster use might be beneficial in other content areas:

      • How do you use posters as evaluation tools?
      • What suggestions can you give me for future application of posters like this?
      • How do posters support the ELA Common Core?
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          We have used posters for our wall of family fame. Students make genealogies, pedigrees, and wall of fame posters (using bighugelabs.com) that highlight a family member (some examples: one student is related to James Bowie, another has a grandfather who walked on the moon, and another has won a couple of Emmy awards for technical production).


          I like to use posters as a part of centers, such as minerals in our daily lives posters, posters for which students need to write the captions, and posters which summarize or highlight a classroom activity (such as our "Bob the Pony" detective case). We also use fodey.com's newspaper clipping to write articles that accompany photos the students take.

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              Eric, I appreciate the different methods your students have used posters for. I'm thrilled your students know enough about their ancestors to share the wall of fame. I'd not considered using Fodey to write an accompanying article. I envision such articles allow students to demonstrate deeper understanding of the content their poster illustrates. Would you mind posting an example of a Poster/Fodey combination to this discussion?