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    Classroom Challenge – WeVideo – June 2014


      Re-teaching is an essential part of instruction that can be used to support student learning, engagement and motivation.  Re-teaching strategies should follow formal and informal assessments and present concepts to students in a new, different and innovative way. The goal of re-teaching is to provide students the opportunity to master essential skills and knowledge before moving on to the next concept. This month’s classroom challenge will explore WeVideo, a tool that can be used to support re-teaching to build student confidence and mastery of concepts.

      What is WeVideo

      WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor that supports online collaboration on video projects.


      What does it offer?

      1. Users can work within three levels of interface; novice, experienced, expert
      2. Twenty unique built in themes
      3. Storyboard editor mode
      4. Timeline editor mode (video, graphic, audio and voice over tracks)
      5. Advanced editor mode (multi track audio and video)
      6. WeVideo Mobile App
      7. Capture videos and photos with android, iPhone or iPad and upload to WeVideo
      8. Finished video housed on the WeVideo web site
      9. WeVideo Education Channel
      10. Store up to 5GB of audio, video and photos

      How can you use it in the classroom?


      1. Make a video explaining concepts and questions students missed on an assessment
      2. Upload images, text and audio to support differentiated learning
      3. Record video observation with mobile device, upload to WeVideo and provide feedback necessary to understand errors and to prepare for reassessment.
      4. Share WeVideo assessment with students

      Click here to view this video on how to create a thank you letter to see an example of how WeVideo can be used to engage learners.



      Click here to view WeVideo FAQs before starting.

      Register and use WeVideo to introduce concepts, reteach topics, evaluate information, analyze data, and provide formative assessments to enhance learning.