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    Letter to Smriti Irani: Five steps to take India's education system from mediocre to world class

      Letter to Ms. Smriti Irani, HRD minister : Five steps to take India's education system from mediocre to world class in today's TOI.


      Dear HRD minister,

      As you assume your newly assigned responsibilities, we take this opportunity to share our perspective on five big reforms that could transform India's education system from a mediocre to a world-class system.

      5 Steps :

      1. The government must deregulate school education and treat government and private schools as equal partners in solving India's education crisis.
      2. Create version 2.0 of the central education budget that shifts focus from inputs and outlays to outcomes and impact, while holding states accountable.
      3. The government should introduce state-wide learning assessments that are undertaken at regular periods during a child's school journey, which can also contribute to remediation and improvement in teaching.
      4. Equip school principals to become efficient school leaders.  The government should set up centres for school leadership in every state and mandate induction as well as ongoing training for all principals.
      5. Improve teacher quality for better learning outcomes. Government should build and scale high-quality institutes at top 10 central universities and strengthen SCERTs and DIETs.

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