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    Virtual Museum Field Trip Recording -- Portland Art Museum


      On June 17, 2014, cgardne, on behalf of tdiener, took us on a virtual field trip at the Portland Art Museum where special presenters Mike Murawski and Danae Hutson shared the Object Stories project.


      Dedicated to engaging the public and facilitating dialogues with diverse audiences of all ages, the Portland Art Museum's encyclopedic collection reflects the history of art from ancient times to today. The Museum's Education department has been leading an IMLS-funded initiative with area middle schools called "Object Stories from the Middle," based on the idea that almost anyone has a relationship with an object and that the act of sharing such objects and their stories is empowering and builds key 21st-century learning skills. This webinar showcased the Museum's Object Stories project and shared applications and resources for classroom practice.


      Click here to view the webinar recording.



      1. Why might object stories engage students?
      2. What are ways you can incorporate object stories into your classrooms?