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    Classroom Challenge – myHistro – July 2014


      How do you give student a voice in the learning process and power over their learning?  According to the work conducted by Bloom, students can reach a high level of achievement if teachers provide the time, resources, environment and appropriate learning conditions to master curriculum goals.  Making lessons authentic and researched-based, while allowing students choices, opportunities for collaborating, and providing continuous feedback can be a start in moving toward self-motivated higher order thinkers. This month’s classroom challenge will explore myHistro, a tool that can be used to impact learning by challenging students to discriminate information, receive and respond to feedback, and dig deeper to master content.


      What is myHistro

      MyHistro is a timeline with a built in mapping tool. It combines maps and timelines that include text and images into multimedia representations.

      What does myHistro offer users?
      1. Stories created from multiple events
      2. Events may include images, text, dates, and location
      3. Events can be copied into new stories
      4. Timelines can be exported into PDF, KLM or CSV formats
      5. Embed code provided to copy and paste on web pages
      6. Invite others to collaborate to create events or stories
      7. Assessment tool

      How can myHistro be used in the classroom ?

      1. Create timeline to present curriculum content
      2. Map a story
      3. Create an assessment to  reflect on key points
      4. Create story to reteach or flip lesson
      5. Students create story (timeline) as alternative to writing a report or multi-media presentation
      6. Students tell story of an author, track evolution of a movement, explore scientific and mathematics discoveries
      7. Share, study, question, synthesize, modify myHistro to understand complex topics
      Click here to view an example of how myHistro can be used in the classroom.

      Click here to view a slideshow on getting started with myHistro

      Select a standard from your curriculum and create a story (timeline) to flip the lesson

      1. Register and use myHistro
      2. Login
      3. Click Stories to create a story (timeline)
      4. Click next to add event to story
      5. Add videos, images, text or location on map as appropriate
      6. Add events as necessary
      7. Save story
      8. Return to discussion thread, paste story link and share how the tool was used to empower students and affect mastery learning.

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          I was so excited about this challenge that I've already sent an email about it to my school's history department chair (along with our principal.) I'm hoping the history teachers will recognize the value and allow their students to participate. My core only considers the history of the atom - I am considering how my students might use it to show they understand the atom's history. Thanks so much for sharing an excellent tool.

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              Hi Glen,

              I think it would be awesome if your students were to create a myHistro of the atom starting with the work of Democritus who proposed that matter was made of small units called atoms and follow the history of the atom through people up to Chadwick who discovered the neutron.  The students could trace the work of the scientist sharing their locations and the work they completed while providing a clearer understanding of the atom and its importance. Images of the scientists, the atom and explanations could be provided throughout.  I am looking forward to seeing your students' completed work!