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    Grants for educators

    Bonnie Feather

      I'm starting this discussion as a place for all of us to share funding and grant sources for educators.


      I'll start off by noting a Qwest Foundation grant available to schools in the Qwest (telephone) service area.  To learn more about it, go here.


      Also, for smaller amounts of money, check out DonorsChoose.org  I know several teachers who have gotten some funding here.  A teacher goes in and requests funding for a project, tells about their idea and need, and people voluntarily come in a decide to fund all or part of your project!


      DigitalWish.com is another site a lot like the previous one.  It's quite fun to describe your idea and have it funded.  Quite a few teachers in my area have been funded from this and the previous site.


      Just imagine if you or one of your participant teachers designed a project Unit Plan, then got funding for some resources through one of these sites!  SWEET!


      With the funding cuts we will all experience next year and beyone, we need to share all the sources we can!


      And don't forget to come back and tell us all about your successes with grants!

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          Happy April Everyone!  Great discussion thread Bonnie on grant resources.  Yes, I am sure many of us get many grant requests or are asked where do find and locate such resources.  Based on this constant need I put together a PDF of educator grants that are sometimes one page applications and others are essay types, and some are very competitive 10 page narratives- but all in all it is collection I put together this past January for our Midwest educators.  I am sure many are available nation wide that I have listed on the two page PDF.


          Hope this attachment assists your grant writing and exploration efforts!



            • Wonderful resource!
              Bonnie Feather

              Naomi once again has shared a FABULOUS resource!  Thanks to her for sharing the results of her tireless efforts!  I'm hoping to hear about many Intel educators who write proposals and receive funding!  Let's make the most of these opportunities and fund our great projects!


              Often, the best advice I can give someone who is writing a grant proposal is this: "Answer the questions."  You would be surprised how many people write proposals which don't address the grant RFP!  After this advice is, "Have a couple of friends read it before you submit it."  Ask educators and non-educators to read it for you.  Listen to their advice about not only proofreading, but also about clarity and organization.


              And lastly, "Just DO it!" Put your passion for using innovative methods with students on paper and go for some financial support!

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                Dear Inte Community,



                A very  special elementary class is planting a garden at Sand Lake Elementary,  located near Holmen, WI. This class has applied for a microgrant through a website called WeAreTeachers.  Please help this  elementary class win $200 and a Flip Video camera for their unique and special garden  project.  Please go to this website http://www.weareteachers.com/web/immersion_learning/microgrant and search for Ann Marie Dahl and vote for their project.


                I know  for fact - this  educator truly makes a positive difference- every single day with every  child in her classroom. She is a phenomenal  and innovative Wisconsin educator!

                It  only takes a minute to vote and they will really appreciate your help.  Please spread the word to fellow educators, friends and family members.


                Thank  you!



                Naomi Harm, on behalf of Grant  Lambert (a student) and Mrs. Dahl’s Class

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                  Thanks so much for this great resource. I was in search of a quick listing of available grants so this is just what I needed. Thanks for sharing!

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                  Bonnie Feather

                  Today I found We Are Teachers

                  This is a website where teachers submit their project and can win $200 to make their project happen.  They also win a flip camera or another camera to document their project to submit online.


                  It's not a large grant, but sometimes $200 is all you need!

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                      More April grant opportunities for everyone!


                      Grant Name: Music Is Revolution Foundation Mini-Grants

                      Funded by: Music Is Revolution Foundation and Svengirly Music, Inc.

                      Description: The Music Is Revolution Foundation administers a mini-grant program  for Music Is Revolution activities designed by teachers to implement,  support, and/or improve their ability to provide quality music education  for their students. Mini-grants up to $500 are available to teachers  for music education activities of all types. Only projects that clearly  contain a music education focus -- that is, projects based on the  concept of music education, through musical experiences, initiating  students into a sense of their social, academic, and cultural identity,  and humanizing them through the emotional, cognitive, and/or physical  impact of music -- will be considered. Applicants are encouraged to  include activities that expose students to genres and styles of music  not likely to be experienced as a part of their normal daily lives, and  to plan the project with input from students, parents, and school  administrators, so that the project supports the imaginations of the  students while  maintaining relevance to the curriculum already in place.

                      Program Areas:  Arts  Recipients:Public Schools   Proposal Deadline:4/15/10   Average Amount: $500.00

                      Address: Music Is Revolution Foundation, c/0 Svengirly Music, Inc., PO Box  91894, Pasadena, CA 91109

                      Email: info@svengirly.com

                      Website: http://www.svengirly.com/mir2/pdf/Mini_Grant_Application.pdf

                      Availability:All States



                      Grant Name: ING Unsung Heroes Program  Funded by: ING

                      Description: Are you an educator with a class project that is short on funding but  long on potential? Do you know a teacher looking for grant dollars? ING  Unsung Heroes could help you turn great ideas into reality for students.  For more than 10 years, and with $3.0 million in awarded grants, ING  Unsung Heroes has proven to be an A+ program with educators. The  program's "alumni" have inspired success in the classroom and impacted  countless numbers of students. Each year, 100 educators are selected to  receive $2,000 to help fund their innovative class projects. Three of  those are chosen to receive the top awards of an additional $5,000,  $10,000 and $25,000.

                      Program Areas: General Education, Math, Reading, Science/Environment, Social Studies,  Special Education

                      Recipients: Public Schools, Private/Charter School

                      Proposal Deadline: 4/30/2010

                      Average Amount: $2,000.00 - $25,000.00


                      Availability:All States



                      Grant Name: MIT: Lemilson-MIT 2011 InvenTeams

                      Funded by: Lemelson-MIT

                      Description: Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams foster inventiveness among high school  students. InvenTeams composed of high school students, teachers, and  mentors are asked to collaboratively identify a problem that they want  to solve, research the problem, and then develop a prototype invention  as an in-class or extracurricular project.

                      Program Areas: Math, Science/Environment, Technology

                      Recipients: Public Schools, Private/Charter Schools

                      Proposal Deadline: 4/23/10

                      Average amount: $10,000.00

                      Telephone: 617-452-2147

                      Email: inventeams@mit.edu

                      Website: http://web.mit.edu/inventeams/about.html

                      Availability: All States


                      Grant Name: Project Learning Tree Greenworks! Pollinator Garden Grants

                      Funded by: Project Learning Tree

                      Description: GreenWorks! grants engage PLT educators and their students with their  local community in "learning-by-doing" environmental projects. Student  leadership, service-learning, and community participation are the  cornerstones to GreenWorks! projects. These grassroots action projects  enable schools and youth organizations across the country to make a  positive impact on their communities.

                      Program Areas: Science/Environment

                      Recipients: Public School, Private/Charter Schools, Other

                      Proposal Deadline: 9/30/10

                      Average Amount: $500.00

                      Telephone: 202-463-2457

                      Email: iaoun@forestfoundation.org

                      Website: http://www.plt.org/cms/pages/21_22_21.html

                      Availability: All States


                      Grant Name: Spencer Foundation’s Areas of Inquiry Small Grants

                      Funded by: Spencer Foundation

                      Description: Spencer Foundation Awards grants in the following areas of interest:  Education & Social Opportunity; Organizational Learning; Teaching,  Learning & Instructional Resources; & Purposes & Values of  Education. Principal Investigators applying for a Research Grant must be  affiliated with a school district, a college or university, a research  facility, or a cultural institution. The Foundation accepts proposals  from institutions and/or researchers from the U.S. and internationally.  Researchers must also have an earned doctorate in an academic discipline  or professional field or appropriate experience in an education-related  profession.

                      Program Areas: General Education, Math, Reading, Science/Environment, Social Studies

                      Recipients: Public School, Higher Education, Other

                      Proposal Deadline: 4/30/10

                      Average Amount: Up to $40,000.00

                      Website: http://www.spencer.org/content.cfm/budgets-40000-or-less

                      Availability: All States

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                      Samsung is giving away 1 million in technology.

                      Grant info


                      The application requests minimal information along with the following 3 questions:

                      ·         #1. How would you utilize this project to raise student interest in science, math or the environment? (100 words max)


                      ·         #2. How would you engage your students to enthusiastically participate in this project? (100 words max


                      ·         #3. How could winning a technology package in this Contest help your school? (100 words max)

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                        Here are a few grants....



                        Annie’s Grants for Gardens
                        Annie’s Homegrown, Inc. provides support for community gardens, school gardens and other educational programs that connect children directly to gardening. Funds may be used to buy gardening tools, seeds or other needed supplies.
                        Deadline: Ongoing


                        A. Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship

                        The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) annually awards the A. Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship to teachers of grades K-12 who have shown excellence in teaching gifted students, the ability to meet the needs of gifted students, and commitment to furthering the development of their teaching skills. The scholarship is designed to reimburse/defray the costs of continuing education for up to two eligible teachers currently teaching gifted students in a variety of educational settings ranging from a homogeneous or fullday special class to a heterogeneous classroom. K-12
                        teachers who have been members of NAGC for at least one year are eligible to apply for the $2,000 scholarship.
                        Deadline: April 18


                        AIAA Classroom Grants
                        The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. (AIAA) offers grants of up to $200 to assist K-12th grade educators in presenting math, science, technology and engineering principles to students. Funds from the grant may be used for classroom demonstration kits, science supplies, math and science software, supplies for model rocketry or robotic
                        program, or other similar materials and/or supplies to improve instruction in science, mathematics and/or technology. Applicants must be a current AIAA Educator Associate member (no cost) or an AIAA Professional member actively engaged as a K-12 classroom educator prior to receiving the grant. One grant per teacher will be considered under this program. Grants are limited to amaximum of five Educator Associates per school.

                        Deadlines: April 30, July 31, November 30 and January 31


                        Blockbuster Corporate Giving
                        Blockbuster considers funding requests from non-profit organizations for projects that meet one or more of the following requirements: 1) has film/video industry focus, 2) impacts children/families, 3) supports a particular Blockbuster business objective (i.e. employment), and 4) includes clearly defined and measurable goals. Requests are reviewed monthly. Note:
                        Per communication with Blockbuster staff, tax-exempt public schools are eligible to apply for funding. Proposals
                        should be mailed to: Blockbuster, Inc., Office of Corporation Contributions, 1201 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas 75270. Fax submissions to: (214) 854-3824

                        Deadline: Ongoing


                        Charlie Lovett Fund for Elementary Drama
                        The Charlie Lovett Fund supports productionbased theatre arts programs at the elementary school level. Elementary teachers throughout the United States are eligible to apply for grants up to $300. Decisions are
                        made within 30 days.

                        Deadline: Rolling


                        Elmer’s Teacher Tool Kit
                        Elmer’s, an industry leader in adhesives, arts and crafts, office and educational products, is accepting applications for the new Teacher Tool Kit grant program. The grants, ranging from $100 - $500, will be
                        awarded to teachers who wish to replicate projects found in the Elmer’s Teacher Toolkit catalog in their own catalog.
                        Special consideration will be given to first year teachers, but all certified K-12 teachers are eligible to apply.
                        Deadline: April 30


                        Hungry for Music
                        Hungry for Music is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that supports music education and cultural enrichment, both in the United States and abroad, by acquiring and distributing quality musical instruments to underserved children with willing instructors and a hunger to play. The Foundation is interested in providing instruments to children who demonstrate a
                        desire to learn music or teachers who have willing students, but no instruments. For the 2011 cycle, the Foundation will begin accepting requests for instruments on January 15.

                        Deadline: Ongoing


                        McCarthey Dressman Teacher Development Grants
                        Licensed K-12 teachers employed in public or private schools are eligible to apply for Teacher Development Grants provided by the McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation. The grants, of up to $10,000 a year for a maximum of three years, provide funding to individuals or small teams of teachers in the formation and implementation of groundbreaking, collaborative K-12 classroom instruction. Projects must be submitted in the name of one person, regardless of the number of teachers involved in the group.

                        Deadline: April 15

                        • Re: Grants for educators - $25k technology package for your school

                          Ok - this isn't really a "Grant" - it's a "contest" - but the winner receives a $25,000 technology package for their school:


                          Kids are wired to learn and technology can help them achieve their dreams. Enter by telling us in 500 words or less why your favorite K-12 school deserves a technology package, featuring industry-leading technology from Intel, exciting learning and teaching apps, and more. If your story gets the most votes by December 4, your designated school will win a technology package worth $25,000 (USD). Second and third place winners receive technology packages valued at $10,000 (USD) and $5,000 (USD) respectively. And every week we’ll give away a netbook – to reward you for helping your community. See the steps to enter here: http://contest.appup.com/#Challenges

                          This is only open to the US and Canada.


                          Reminder: Everyone is welcome to submit their Intel Teach story here - http://10millionteachers.intel.com/share-story. You might win story of the week ($50 USD), story of the month ($200), or most inspiring (an Ultrabook). We have a winner from China, a winner from Pakistan - are you next?

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                            Yahoo teamed up with Donors Choose and has Homepages for Homerooms which is a voting contest. http://yahoo.homepagesforhomerooms.com/ Anyone involved or need a vote?

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                              Here are some recent awards and grants that I think anyone here in the Intel Teacher's Engage site would be a shoe-in for:


                              Delta Education/Frey-Neo/CPO Science Education Awards for Excellence in Inquiry-based Science Teaching

                              The  Delta Education/Frey-Neo/CPO Science Awards for Excellence in  Inquiry-based Science Teaching will recognize and honor three (3)  full-time PreK–12 teachers of science who successfully use inquiry-based  science to enhance teaching and learning in their classroom.

                                Eligibility:PreK–12 teachers
                                $1,500 towards expenses to attend the NSTA National Conference, and $1,500 for the awardee

                                Download an application

                              Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers

                              The  Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers provides selected  K–12 teachers (up to 25) in their first five years of teaching with  funds to attend the annual National Conference on Science Education.  Award recipients will be mentored, tracked, and provided with continuing  opportunities for meaningful involvement with NSTA and its activities.

                                Eligibility: To  be eligible, a teacher must be within the first five years full-time at  the time of application and be an NSTA member in good standing; to the  extent possible, recipients must have been a student member of NSTA as a  preservice teacher
                                The  award consists of up to $1,000 to be used to attend the annual National  Conference; recipients will be invited to attend a variety of workshops  and presentations that are of particular interest to new teachers at  the annual National Conference

                                Download an application

                                Read comments from Simmons Award winners »

                              Shell Science Teaching Award

                              This  award recognizes one outstanding classroom science teacher (K–12) who  has had a positive impact on his or her students, school, and community  through exemplary classroom science teaching.

                                Eligibility: K–12 classroom science teachers
                                $10,000  and an all-expense paid trip to attend NSTA’s National Conference; two  finalists will also receive all-expense-paid trips to the conference
                              Sylvia Shugrue Award for Elementary School Teachers

                              This  award honors one elementary school teacher who has established (or is  establishing) an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based lesson plan. The  lesson plan will fully reference sources of information and any relevant  National Science Education Standards and benchmarks found in the Atlas of Science Literacy.

                                Eligibility: Elementary school teachers (grades K–6); applicants must be a full-time teacher with a minimum of five years of experience
                                The  award consists of $1,000 and up to $500 to attend the NSTA National  Conference on Science Education; the recipient of the award will be  honored during the Awards Banquet at the NSTA Conference

                                Download an application

                                Download an application

                              See also: Shell Science Lab Challenge »

                              Vernier Technology Awards

                              The  Vernier Technology Awards will recognize and reward the innovative use  of data collection technology using a computer, graphing calculator, or  other handheld in the science classroom. A total of seven awards are  presented: one award at the elementary level (grades K–5); two awards at  the middle level (grades 6–8); three awards at the high school level  (grades 9–12); one award at the college level.

                                Eligibility: K–college. Applicants may not have won previously at their school.
                                Each  award will consist of $1,000 towards expenses to attend the NSTA  National Conference, $1,000 in cash for the teacher, and $1,000 in  Vernier products

                                Download an application

                                Technology Tips

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                                Student Conservation Grants are offered by our Planet Connect program, a youth engagement initiative of the National Environmental Education Foundation. We are offering high school students grants of $1,000 – this funding will give grantees the opportunity to implement wildlife conservation projects in their schools or communities and participate in a local internship focused on wildlife conservation or natural resources.


                                Watch the video that quickly explains the grants: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G450jl_2NKo&feature=channel_video_title


                                To learn more, please visit the grant web page, located here: http://planetconnect.org/2012wcgrants


                                Caitlin Enright

                                Education Intern

                                Direct - 202.261.6468



                                National Environmental Education Foundation

                                4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 160

                                Washington, DC 20008

                                Main - 202.833.2933




                                Knowledge to live by

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                                  Another good product is/are the e-instruction clickers and this is their grant page. http://www.einstruction.com/research-and-funding/grants-funding.

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                                    Intel Schools of Distinction

                                    Every year, Intel honors U.S. schools that implement innovative, replicable programs that inspire their students and lead to a positive educational outcomes in the areas of math and science.


                                    Up to three schools at each level—elementary, middle, and high school—will be named as finalists in the math and science categories.

                                    The 18 schools will receive a cash grant of $5,000 from the Intel Foundation and a trip to Washington, D.C., for a four-member team from their school and district. Six winners will be selected from the finalists and will receive an additional $5,000 cash grant for a total of $10,000. One of these winners will be selected as the "Star Innovator" and will receive an additional $15,000 grant for a total of $25,000. All five winning schools and the Star Innovator will also receive products and services from program sponsors.


                                    Don’t miss this opportunity to apply at www.schoolsofdistinction.com – the application deadline is Feb. 23, 2012.

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                                      Attached is a list of some funding options you might want to investigate.