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    Help needed -ESL teacher information on Thailand


      Dear Teachers,


      Hello my name is Rachael and I am new to the Intel Teacher's Forum. I am presently attending a face-to-face MATESOL graduate summer session. I am taking a course called Current Issues in Teaching English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) in North Carolina. I have an assignment that requires me to use the internet to research an ESL related ethnic group. Specifically, I need to:

      1. Use the Internet, library resources, and interviews to find out as much as possible about your ethnic group.
      2. Describe the homeland of your ethnic group.
      3. Discuss the culture—values, traditions, rituals, dress, music, art, dance, religion.
      4. What is life like in their homeland?
      5. What is life like for the group in the United States?
      6. Why did this group come to the United States and why did they settle in your community?
      7. Describe any cultural differences of which teachers should be aware. What are the attitudes of the parents toward the school system?

      I have selected the Thai group for this assignment. That being said, I am sending an inquiry out and asking if any of you know any ESL teacher related or Thailand related information that could possibly help me with this project. I need to have the information by 07/21. Does any one know of where I might find some additional resources to aid my research?


      Thank you for your assistance.