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    Tag! You're Virtually It - April Activity

      Hey, Community Members!  We have a new and exciting activity for you called Tag - You're Virtually It.  Do you remember playing tag on the playground when you were a kid?  It was that favorite children's game in which one kid chased fellow classmates until he or she touched one of them, who then became "It".  We're basically playing the same game, but with a new twist.  Our Virtual Tag will consist of answering a question within this thread and then coming up with a new question.



      In this virtual game, Vanessa and Dyane will be the first "Virtual It's." We will post a question and the first person to respond will be tagged as the new "It." Your new task will be to create a new question for the next Virtual It.  The longer we keep the game going, the better our collective resource list will be and the more fun we'll have.

      • Person A (It #1) posts the question, "What is a great online graphic organizer tool?"
      • Person B  replies "A great graphic organizer is www.mywebspiration.com." Then Person B becomes (It #2)  (It #2) posts a new question, "Where can I find a great set of images on WW2?"
      • Person C responds "Hey, I've got a great resource for WW2 images," and posts the link at http://www.ww2incolor.com/." Person C now becomes (It #3) and posts a new question. My new question is "Where can high school French students practice grammar online?" 
      • and the discussion continues....

      This drawing gives educators a chance to play in virtual recess. What's the prize, you ask?  Why, it's an Amazon Kindle!  (Yeah, we're pretty excited about it, too.

      The activity ends April 30th, so let's get ready to play some
      Virtual Tag. How many times will you be it?
      Every time you take the tag or leave a comment, you will have another entry into the drawing (for legal reasons, we can only ship within the US , but hey, it's fun to play with or without the chance to win a Kindle).


      If you can...

      PLEASE help and make sure your links are posted correctly (if you don't have time to do any of the step below, don't worry about it.


      1. When you create the link do so by clicking the link icon above the smiley in the toolbar.
      2. After creating a link, click "HTML" at the top right of the toolbar.
      3. You will see a bunch of cool HTML code (well, cool to us geeks)
      4. Find the code for your web site. It always begins with <a href... For example:  <a href="http://www.intel.com/">
      5. Click between these two symbols at the end of the code "> then press the space bar and paste the following:




      • So using the example above, the code now should look like <a href="http://www.intel.com/" class="jive-link-custom"target="_blank">
      • Now your site will open in a new window and members won't close the community accidently when they click on your link.
      Again, if you don't have time to do this, don't worry about it. We are working towards a better solution.