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    K12 Online conference 2014 news


      K12 Online Conference 2014 – Igniting Innovation

      Free Worldwide Online Conference for K-12 Educators on October 13-31, 2014


      This year’s 9th Annual K12 Online Conference theme is “Igniting Innovation,” and conference sessions will provide free, open, online professional learning for teachers around the world.


      The strands for this year’s conference are Gamification, Stories for Learning, Passion-Driven Learning, and STEAM. Dr. Wesley Fryer, renowned STEM teacher, digital learning consultant, author, digital storyteller, and change agent, will keynote the pre-conference. Strand keynote presenters include Kevin Hodgson, Ben Wilkoff, Joy Kirr, Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich.


      The K12 Online Conference is unique as an all-volunteer effort, organized and presented by educators. Because the video-based sessions are open and asynchronously delivered, educators around the world can participate in a variety of ways that fit their own schedules and needs.


      According to one of the conference convenors, Susan van Gelder, “This conference is so unique, because although the conference takes place in October, the archived sessions are available any time. Many each year go back to watch sessions from previous years and share them with colleagues.”


      The call for proposals for the conference is currently open with proposals due by August 15, 2014.


      For more information, please visit http://www.k12onlineconference.org