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    Exciting News! Teachers Engage Community Platform Upgrade!



      The Engage community is undergoing a platform upgrade which will give you improved usability and added features!

      The upgrade will go live on August 31. You will notice that the look and feel of the site will improve dramatically. While you will be able to do everything in Engage you've enjoyed in the past, in many instances the processes will change. It may take a little time to become accustomed to this, but all the new ways you'll be able to Engage will be more intuitive and flexible. Of course, you can continue to use the Help and Feedback tab at the right of your screen to request help and report issues.

      Some of the most exciting new features of the upgrade include:

      • New top of the screen menus to help you browse and navigate between spaces more easily
      • An expanded menu of options available from your profile button
      • The ability to create content on any page, to be housed in the space of your choice
      • Enhanced, social-focused profile pages with improved activity streams and interactivity
      • A wider screen with responsive technology for a smoother mobile experience

      Right now, tell us what you're thinking. Reply to this discussion with:

      • Possibilities that excite you
      • Questions you have

      After we go live, we'd love to hear about your experience. Return to this discussion and reply with:

      • The differences you notice most
      • Best new features
      • Challenges working in the new environment you'd like us to address