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    Do you video share?

      I was asked to attend a principal retreat and the keynote was Michael Fullan Michael Fullan - Motion Leadership Author and Systems Change Expert. Mr. Fullan shared many videos for the team to analyze in his presentation. There was a section where we were to watch classroom videos and pick out technology, pedagogy and learning partnerships. There were three videos and the first two we discussed had minimal and no technology. He then shared an Intel video Learning Activity 06 - Middle School Science - YouTube I was so excited that I even very loudly did the Intel Bom Bom Bom Bom at the the end of the video. I guess I scared a few folks in my group with that but they could not deny my excitement when I deconstructed the video. This had me thinking....Do you use any videos in your presentations (or even if you don't present then which ones to you share with other educators)? Share with us which videos and why you chose those?  If you want to investigate the videos then open up YouTube and search for some great classroom videos and share with us some of your favorite ones.