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    Platform Upgrade Complete!


      If you're viewing this message, then you're logged in to the new and improved Teachers Engage!


      As we noted before, some of the most exciting new features of the upgrade include:

      • New top of the screen menus to help you browse and navigate between spaces more easily
      • An expanded menu of options available from your profile button
      • The ability to create content on any page, to be housed in the space of your choice
      • Enhanced, social-focused profile pages with improved activity streams and interactivity
      • A wider screen with responsive technology for a smoother mobile experience

      Group owners may need to reconfigure Group pages and images, as the sizes of widget containers have changed. Also note, you can upload your own banner and avatar to your group page by clicking Manage, then Settings. In the Manage screen, you can click on the buttons on the banner and below the avatar space to upload images.

      Be sure to check out those features, and as you begin to engage, feel free to use the Help and Support button at the right to report issues or seek help. As you're browsing, reply to this discussion and tell us:

      • What you think of the site overall
      • What you have discovered and like or don't like
      • What you think of the new mobile experience (which you can access via your mobile device browser via the standard Engage URL)


      Enjoy the new site! We'll be rolling out additional support features, new how-to demo videos, and some interesting new content over the next month!