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    Classroom Challenge – emaze – August 2014


      While teaching online classes to high school students, I often received emails from students frustrated because they created a PowerPoint too large to upload or email to me for grading.  Although students were able to access the internet at school, many of the more proactive students wanted to work at home but did not have internet access.  So my challenge was to find a resource/tool that would allow students to work offline and be able to share it with me for grading when completed.  Because the majority of the students had access to PowerPoint at school and at home, it was decided that it would be a part of the solution. The next problem was to find an effective way to have the students submit the completed presentation.   While focusing on this issue, I discovered a number of options, but none as interesting as emaze.  This month’s classroom challenge will explore emaze, a free online tool used to build presentation decks or upload pre-existing PowerPoint presentations and share with other users. 

      What is emaze?


      Emaze is an online presentation tool with built in templates and slide transitions.   It uses HTML 5.  


      What does emaze offer users?

      1. Pre-formatted templates with built in transitions
      2. Gif art that can be added to presentations
      3. Design slides with 3D effects
      4. Email link for sharing
      5. Embed code provided to copy and paste on web pages
      6. Ability to collaborate with peers
      7. Ability to edit, duplicate, delete, download, print and share
      8. Translate presentation into variety of languages


      How can emaze be used in the classroom ?


      1. Create instructional presentation to introduce a concept
      2. Presentation shared with students to reteach a lesson
      3. Create a series of bell ringers to get the class started
      4. Students collaborate on a project
      5. Students upload PowerPoint too large to email and share it for grading
      Click here to view an example of how emaze can be used in the classroom.




      Click here to view a slideshow on getting started with emaze

      Select a standard from your curriculum and create a presentation to introduce a concept.

      1. Register to use emaze
      2. Login
      3. Upload a previously created PowerPoint or create a presentation from scratch.
      4. Return to the emaze discussion link and share completed presentation.