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    On the Road Again


      I have been away for a while, as I am sure many of us have. As I was showing my son our summer travels on the outline of a US map: TX to NC via car and back, TX to OR via plane; I was could not help but thinking what all I could use the details of the trip to use in the classroom next year. Immediately, I jump to adding or subtracting the miles in my 3-4 math class, and discussing the different climates, flora and fauna in 3-4 science. I also think there is some room in there for Language arts, maybe having students create stories based on potential stops along the way that they can find using roadtripper.com. I would love to hear some of your ideas, and how you will use your travels or other summer activities to engage your students in a few short weeks.

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          Here is a site where you do not have to register/log in that I use with my students: http://www.bellhop.com/roadtrip/

          It is a road trip planning tool which can be used in class for planning, sequencing, mapping, and practical mathematics, and can easily be tied in to social studies and storytelling.


          And you can use google maps to create your own map of your journey.

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            I think you could include borders, state capitols, time zones.  You could do a biography lesson and talk about famous people born in the state.  You could show your travels on goggle earth.  I am no longer in the classroom, but would love to hear about your lessons and see artifacts of students' work after you have presented it.

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              This is a fantastic idea! It uses recent experiences of students and personalizes their learning while addressing some key standards. Going interdisciplinary always adds more meaning and relevance to those items we learn as well. If o.k. with you, I am going to amend your subject title to invite others to share their tools regarding road tripping as Eric has done. Thanks for sharing. I can use this idea with my grandchildren (since I am not in the classroom anymore).

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                Hi Jonathan,

                A really interesting way to bring in images is trip advisor (Make a Free Slideshow With Music | TripAdvisor™ TripWow).  Students could capture the history in a city during a trip or vacation and create a presentation.  With trip advisor students can type in their location with the images and the program creates an animated slide show.  Students can do the research and share what they learned about the city.  This would be a good way for students to introduce themselves.  For students who may not have taken a vacation, they can research the history of the city in which they reside and use with citations, pictures from the internet.