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    Google Classroom for Education


      Has anyone started out the school year exploring Google Classroom for Education?  What are your thoughts? 

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          Didn't used yet But, I think It must be a good project like past Google projects.Try It Thanks for asking and I'm planned to use it now.

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            I have explored it, it is a neat tool, but definitely not a full blown Learning Management System. Great for posting assignments and collecting them, and holding class discussions. One of the biggest drawbacks I see is that they don't have a way to integrate Google Forms yet, which really cuts down on what could be awesome functionality! Hopefully it will improve over the coming year and be a real contender!

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              Haven't had the chance to play yet but I know there is a lot of discussion going on. Many don't see it as a replacement for other online environments. I am assuming upgrades and new features will be added quickly.

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                Hi Julia ,


                We have  been able to train  few teachers in using Google tools and I agree with Shannon . I also feel that it is a good tool for doing collaborative work be it discussions or power point presentations or working on the excel Sheet. it is a good tool for connecting to each other and sharing views, However the content of learning will have to be self created and shared .

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                  Via @nharm and twitter I came across the following resource that I think is helpful - Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Excellent Google Drive Resources for Teachers

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                    Hi Julia--

                    MrsSmoke had a great FB post on this topic with much discussion. Go look at her wall and find the post. Dyane, it would be great if you could chime in here as well.

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                      Hi Julia


                      Have heard a lot about Google Classroom for education, but have not got the chance to explore it. Heard some observation that it does not have strong CRM which does not make it a complete tool. Then it is also need to be explored that how well other features of Google are integrated with the classroom.

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                        Google Docs is one of the few digital tools that has truly transformed teaching and learning.  As Shannon mentions in her reply, Google Classroom is not a full fledged Learning Management System/Classroom Management System, but Google Classroom does make it easy for teachers to manage documents and foster classroom collaboration and communication. As a Google Apps account administrator, I'm finding it a bit cumbersome to grant teachers access to set up their Classrooms (See directions below). But, Classroom does make it amazingly easy to share and manage documents with students. Teachers are really going to appreciate this new addition to Google Apps!




                        Teacher permissions

                        As the Google Apps administrator for your school, you'll need to decide how teachers are given permission to create and manage classes in Classroom. When users first sign in to Classroom, they are asked to identify themselves as a teacher or a student. Everyone who identifies as a teacher is added to a Google Group, pending your review.

                        Note:You'll need to enable Google Groups for Business  for yourself in order to use this feature.


                        You have three choices as to who is allowed to create a class:

                        • Anyone in your domain
                        • All pending and verified teachers
                        • Verified teachers only
                          To set this permission:
                        1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
                        2. Click Google Apps > Classroom > General settings. (The Google Apps control might be in the “More Controls” menu at the bottom of the Admin console.)
                        3. Under Teacher permissions, select who is allowed to create a class.
                          Note:The default setting for this permission is "All pending and verified teachers." If you don't change the setting, all pending teachers in the teacher-group will still be able to use Classroom as though they are a teacher.

                        Alternatively, you can follow these steps to approve or reject pending teachers:

                        1. Visit classroom.google.com/teacher-group.
                        2. On this page, select the users you want to approve or reject using the checkboxes to the left of their names.
                        3. Click either the Approve applicant or Reject applicant button.
                          You can also directly add teachers from your domain to the teacher group  before they begin using Classroom. If you already have a group for the teachers at your school, you’ll need to add the teachers to the teacher-group separately; adding an existing group to the teacher-group won’t work properly at this time.

                        Warning! Do not delete the teacher-group. You will disable the feature, and teachers will be unable to use Classroom.

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                          I received an early Beta and have played with it a bit. I, however, am having to work with my district as student email addresses are on a different domain from the staff addresses. Classroom does not like it yet. From what I know, I think it will help me use less paper in my classroom.