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    Tips for Great Pictures


      I am sharing a website I like to use in workshops on integrating digital cameras into the classroom - http://www.kodak.com/global/en/corp/top10tips/index.jhtml


      The tips are simple, but they really make a difference between a photo that is just average and one that is captivating.  I have the participants in the workshop practice taking photos applying several of the suggestions.  Then, we do a gallery-walk in which they showcase their best photo, and the other participants guess which tips were applied.


      Here's a couple of examples.  Too bad our Intel summit was held in February.  This is what Texas looks like in springtime - wildflowers everywhere!


      (applying rule #7 - move it from the middle!)



      (applying rule #1 - get down on their level)



      Try out some of these tips.  If you take an awesome photo, share it here and tell which tip you applied.  Or, let another person guess.  If you have any other suggestions or ideas for using cameras with students, feel free to share those as well.