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    How to you teach historical thinking?


      Teaching history involves showing students how to use clues from primary and secondary sources to ask and answer good questions.

      Primary sources give us many clues about the past. They are the evidence—such as letters, newspapers, drawings, photographs, tools, or clothes—from the time period under investigation.

      Secondary sources are written by historians who use available materials to interpret the past. They provide analysis, summary of historic moments, and change over time.

      visit this site for more info: Teachinghistory.org

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          Historical Thinking is part of the instructional Strategy called Generating and Testing hypothesis where historical evidence is a basis of understanding the past. Historical thinking calls and involves solving problems and relating to the present. In such a learning process there is critical thinking as it prompts analysis to the problem there is creative thinking as we are trying to analyse a problem and find alternative solutions to the cause of the evidence or problem. There id decision making. Historical thinking takes the learners beyond remembering and understanding to evaluating the reasons/factual information. Historical thinking also calls for rationale supported by factual findings.

          Historical thinking is also related to science or language or mathematics because all these subjects find their pursue today on the basis of historical evidences of the past. If science has taken the leap of creativity and innovation history has supported in documenting it and projecting the needs that catapulted in this thought.Nice question radha.

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            Teaching historical thinking is important for us because we know exploitation as well as development to mankind

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              Infact it promotes creative thinking by connecting things in different manner.