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    What a MUG can say about YOU!

      I have been restricted from caffeine for the last three weeks so I come to work and look at my coffee/tea mugs and think about a morning when I could have a jolt of java. I started thinking....what does a mug say about someone? You kept it for some reason so is it a reminder of a great vacation or possibly a statement to the world that you are the greatest (mom, dad, teacher....etc.). I think my mugs (yes, I said mugs...I like variety) say quite a bit about me.

      • I have 2 dog mugs which pretty much say it all...I LOVE dogs. I like my square pug mug even though it is impossible to use without dribbling beverage down your shirt. Why do I keep it you ask? Well, It is so darn cute!
      • My third mug is a Nightmare Before Christmas mug for those Tim Burton kinda days. You know we all have them!
      • The last mug is a MacBeth one. It says inside Out, Damned Spot! Out, I say! This mug not only reminds me of my favorite Shakespeare piece but it is a gory mug. My middle school students loved this one. I think sometimes they were hoping I was drinking blood. Who doesn't secretly want a vampire librarian? Baw Haw Haw



      Have a little fun and share a picture of your mug or mugs and tell us what they say about you!