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    Wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day


      Nice article on today's TOI, Goa:  titled

      "Stop blaming the teacher"  by Anil Kher

      I write in defence of the teacher, who will be showered with accolades today, only to be blamed for the next 364 days, as the one responsible for the poor state of education in our country. Let us all introspect and validate the roles of other stakeholders in the process of educating our young and in so doing, relieve the teacher of carrying             single-handedly the entire burden of failure.

      Our failure is established—50% of Indian 10 year olds are unable to read simple words (in their medium of instruction) whilst their global counterparts not only know how to read a newspaper but even comprehend it.


      So, without adequately equipping our young with essential skills (like reading, comprehension, basic maths) we let them out in the big bad world. And expect them to use their 'learning' to earn their livelihood. And when that doesn't happen, we cry foul against teachers!


      All of us—parents, teachers, institution management, education policy makers—have a key role and are responsible for how our young turn out. Whilst we are at it, let us also acknowledge that the simple, hapless teacher is the only one who has not shied away from this. Don't forget, she has everything going against her. She is not responsible for designing the curriculum, but she is expected to implement it. She does not have the resource or the freedom to choose the pedagogy, yet she is expected to deliver magical results. She has neither her management's buy-in nor the parents' and the worst thing is she is expected to cover for all acts of omission and commission of all the other stake-holders!


      So what can the other stakeholders do to help improve learning outcomes?

      Interesting article.....

      Stop blaming the teacher - The Times of India