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    share e-book education



      hello how are u friends all, studen is very much reading ,where is reading,and what is reading online? please all friends sharing is e-book to student

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          Hi Wahid,  I think you are asking for resources on e-books and how students and teachers are using them in the classroom. I also think any strategies on teaching students to read online would be great resources for any of our members to share.


          This is a couple of years old, but it probably has some relevant information about ePubs. Intel Teach Live - November 2012 - Say What You Need to Say - Publishing Student and Teacher Voices

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            Hi Wahid,

            We use ebooks in our district but we are slowly bringing them into the classroom. We first started with reference books so students were using them with research. We are encouraging our schools to buy all reference in ebook format. We then brought in the non-fiction ebooks. We really focused on easy to read non-fiction that were high interest. All of the books have been multi-user and 24-7 access. The only fiction that were purchased were classroom sets that the students used with ereaders in the classroom. We do not have any policies for bringing devices into the school so we are providing classroom sets. I am excited to say that we are piloting fiction ebooks in two schools right now. We are using two different vendors so that we can compare the services. These books are single use so the students are checking them out to read at school and home. The schools are using the ereaders and computers for the students to read. How are others using ebooks?