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    Classroom Challenge – Graphic Organizers – October 2014


      According to the National Center on Universal Design for Learning, UDL is a set of principles for curriculum development that provides all individuals equal opportunities for learning.  The UDL blueprint can be used to set instructional goals, create lessons, select resources and design assessments that are flexible, customizable, and adjustable to student needs.  The CAST blueprint provides 3 guidelines for designing lessons to meet the needs of learners:  I. Provide Multiple Means of Representation, II. Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression and III. Provide Multiple Means of Engagement.  This month’s classroom challenge will look at graphic organizers as a strategy for addressing the guidelines in the UDL blueprint. Graphic organizers provide an illustration of your thoughts and how they can be organized and presented most effectively.


      Graphic Organizer Sites




      Multiple users can collaborate on a shared poppet

      Team accounts can be create to manage multiple bubbl.us accounts

      Shared settings: private, shared and public for collaborating

      Only one user in free version


      Images, and video can be added

      Free account does not allow multimedia or attached files

      YouTube videos and image library

      Over 45,000 images available for use

      Web Links

      Web links can be typed in but do not automatically hyperlink

      Urls become hot when typed

      Urls become hot when typed

      Can type url in text box but it is not an active link


      Images and videos can be uploaded from computer hard drive

      Files cannot be uploaded in the free version. Export to image

      Can upload files and personal images to image library

      Cannot upload images in free version.  Educational pricing is 9.95 per month which will allow you to upload your images and download pdf


      Can create and save unlimited popplets.

      • Embed code
      • Facebook
      • Tweet
      • email

      Can create and save up to 3.

      • auto saves every 2 minutes
      • can be organized in folders
      • HTML embed code
      • rename
      • delete

      Can create and save up to 3.

      • library of images and icons
      • add notes
      • add links
      • attach documents
      • Background fill textboxes
      • Advance editing
      • Subsets
      • Customize map themes
      • Map library
      • Embed

      Can create and save 2 storyboards per week.

      • edit and copy storyboard
      • print
      • slideshow,
      • download images
      • download PowerPoint
      • HTML embed code
      • Delete

















      Graphic organizers can help to build a framework for learning.  They provide students the opportunity to dissect and build on existing information. This will allow them to become more intimate with the knowledge and the learning process.  Color, sound, images, and text can be added to a graphic organizer to address a number of learning styles and personality types.  Templates with guiding questions could be created by teachers or student could design their graphic organizer from scratch based on a concept, idea, or instructions posed by the teacher.  Asking the right open ended question could lead to deeper thinking, engagement and a lifetime of learning.  What graphic organizer are you currently using and what questions are you posing to students through the process to facilitate deeper thinking?