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    Good News


      Received a mini grant to purchase books to collaborate with third grade students on a reading/writing initative.  Students will test a variety of soils to determine which would be best for growing seeds.  They will observe the growth of the seedling; taking pictures and measuring along the way.  During the process, students will read selected text and blog about the readings and observations.  Students on the western side of the county will work on the same projects.  The groups will come together on wimba to discuss their observations.

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          I love the overall focus of the grant because writing and communication is very important in the science community. I also love the fact that there is a follow up component to the project, which will have a longterm impact on the students. Will the students use the blog to post their pictures? Please share more as the project unfolds!

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            Bonnie Feather

            YAY!  Good for you!  Congratulations!  I see you have a STEM focus for the experience which must lead to the writing/ reading.  It seems more and more grants these days are going for that area.


            Now, what's a wimba?

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                Wimba is an online conferencing / collaboration environment that has similarities to Adobe Connect Pro and Elluminate.. The state of Utah has provided this resource for all districts and teachers. It is not as powerful as either Connect or Elluminate, but Wimba works well for teachers who are less experienced in an online discussion.


                This makes me wonder (having used many of these conferencing tools ...


                What's your favorite online conferencing tools for collaboration?

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                This is great news, Gail!  We did a similar project with Amaryllis plants (Our Amazing Amaryllis).  Two third grade classes planted bulbs, took pictures each week, measured, wrote their observations and predicted what would happen on a wiki.  The students from the 2 classes were able to observe each other's results and comment on them as well.  They also kept individual science journals to write about their experience.  They are now working on a VoiceThread to tell the story of their process.  I worked with the teacher throughout this project and the discussions among the students were awesome.


                These students did experiments on soil prior to their project.  I'm sure my teacher would love to have her kids discuss their observations with yours through a skype video call.  Let me know if you're interested.

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                  This sounds so exciting. I really hope that my school can get on board with this proeject. This will be a great way to motivate our students as they are doing their plant and soil composition studies.

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                    How wonderful! My son did a science fair project just last year along a similar vein. He gathered soil samples from across the US to test which would be the best for growing watermelons, but what a lot of money with shipping, etc.! Imagine how much information these children can get with this kind of technology access... and more than one child gets the benefit!