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    An Online Collaborative tools training for Student Teachers

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      An Online Collaborative tools training for Student Teachers was conducted from 8th September to 20th September 2014 in Army Institute of Education, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

      Teachers were introduced   the importance of 21st Century skills in the classroom. Fostering critical thinking, collaboration amongst students was discussed.   Sessions on word processor, Spreadsheet, Multimedia were conducted.  Student teachers created the various documents such as Question paper, Certificate  using word processing application, Mark sheet & Attendance sheet using Spread sheet application, Instructional lesson & Good examination practices.


      Student teachers were explained the importance of online community for educators.  As Most of the student teachers are active participants of social networking sites like Face book, Twitter etc but they were not familiar with the online communities for educators.  They were introduced to Intel engage and all of them registered to Intel Engage India Page. They were excited to be part of their first teacher community.

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