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    Learning Pathways-October-December 2015-To Code or Not to Code...Is that the Right Question?



      Should we teach coding to elementary students? Is this the correct question we should be asking ourselves? Should other questions be considered; such as does computer science really enhance 21st Century Skills or why should we integrate and implement coding and computer science in elementary classrooms?


      In the past few years, teaching coding to elementary students has been in the news.  Many of my elementary colleagues and I have simply ignored the rhetoric of coding in elementary grades either because the notion of coding was in the category of a foreign language or most of us thought that teaching coding to elementary students was only a figment of our imagination.


      Fast forward two months… Not only do I believe that computer science especially coding has a prominent place in the elementary classroom, but now I’m in full integration and implementation mode to introduce coding to elementary teachers and students throughout Central Texas and beyond.   I recently joined the crusade with Code.org to promote computer science in all grade-levels and at all age levels from about age 4 and up.  Code.org offers free K-5 curriculum to elementary teachers.  Elementary teachers and students can now go where only high school and middle school students could go before with coding.


      To observe a kindergarten student explain why another adult did not solve a code puzzle correctly, is not only enlightening, but was an enriching educational experience.


      What are your experiences and thoughts about coding and or teaching computer science to elementary students? Have you used coding with your students? Share your experiences, stories, pros and cons about using coding with elementary or with any grade level.


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