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    So...we have a new home page


      Have you visited our home page lately? I know many enter this site with a direct link so you may have missed it. Check out the new page at http://engage.intel.com and tell us what you think by either responding to this thread or using the Feedback button that is positioned vertically on the side of every page. Come back often as the content will switch out monthly according to our themes (this month--Digital Citizenship--next month, gaming in education). Notice it is a responsive design for different types of tablets for both vertical and horizontal views. The mobile view strips out all graphics for easier viewing and only displays the essentials of the community.

      One of the main goals of our new home page was to show off our global community in three meaningful ways.

      1. The global feed allows you to sample a few of their discussions; observe by using a translator tool on your browser (e.g. Google and Bing both have good ones) and take mental notes. Then come back and share those insights in your home community.
      2. The map contains links to those countries that have active educator communities supported by Intel. Take a peek inside using a browser translator tool.
      3. We are highlighting active community members from around the world that exhibit leadership skills and innovation. We have big plans for those who are selected so stay tuned!

      In the future, we will release more global networking tools for even more meaningful engagement.

      Also, don't miss the give-away highlight at the bottom of the page. Every month, we give away free technology or resources to some lucky member. It is the easiest thing you will do all month.

      And last, make sure you have subscribed to our monthly newsletter, Engage Encore (located in the footer of the page). It is short, fun and lively and will give you the main highlights from the previous month as well as what is upcoming.

      Happy Engaging!