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    Intel® Teach Elements: Moving into Mobile Learning Webinar


      Welcome to this discussion on mobile learning based on the Elements course, Moving into Mobile Learning.


      If you are interested in the mobile learning, please watch the Teach Elements: Moving into Mobile Learning Webinar



      In this recorded webinar, I explain the goals of the Moving into Mobile Learning and give you a brief overview of its contents:

      • An introduction to mobile learning, its benefits and challenges
      • How to create an effective mobile learning classroom environment
      • Useful apps and tools to help teachers and students
      • Information about policies that make mobile learning successful

      In the recorded webinar, you can also view the comments of the participants who attended the live event.


      I would love to hear your thoughts about the course or about mobile learning in general. Please share your experiences and questions with our Engage community.

      • How do you and your students use mobile devices for learning and how would you like to use them in the future?
      • What challenges and solutions have you discovered in your journey toward a mobile learning classroom environment?