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    Classroom Challenge - Re-teaching with Flipbooks - November 2014


      The research literature on formative assessment attributes many of the positive effects of student growth on re-teaching.  Re-teaching can be defined as teaching again content students failed to master or understand.  Re-teaching strategies should focus on clarifying content and student misconceptions or errors in understanding.  To be effective, a teacher must use re-teachings strategies focusing on a different approach than was used to reteach concepts initially. The goal is to give students the opportunity to master essential skills and knowledge before moving on to the concept.  Formative assessments during the teaching process can help to make the important decision about when and for whom re-teaching is appropriate and also offer ideas about how to present information the second or third time around. Different approaches to consider may include videos, flipbooks, collaborative grouping etc. Today’s challenge will focus on flipbooks as one approach to re-teaching to achieve mastery learning.


      Flipbook Sites




      Create HTML5 flipbook from PDF

      Rich-media: link, video and audio embedded

      HTML5 animation editor

      Secure storage with amazon S3 security

      No ads


      Secure hosting with
      Detailed statistics

      Up to 350 MB/publication

      PDF, PNG, JPG and JPEG - supported file formats

      Rich media editor

      Analytics to track engagement

      Search library for other flipbooks

      Create e-Books, iPad Magazines, E-mail Newsletters and Responsive HTML5


      Convert PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice to HTML5 & Query based interactive flipbooks, magazines




      Chang brand logo, background image, background sound

      Online templates and themes

      Switch flipbook language

      Change background, colors, language, widget type, template

      Customize cover pages

      Control social and share features

      Show thumbnail navigation

      Enable flip sounds

      Add links and buttons

      Add texts, outlines and captions to the PDF

      Custom backgrounds

      Colored bookmarks, Custom logos, Custom backgrounds, Music, video, and button graphics


      Unlimited publication


      Embed code


      QR Code

      Share uploaded book with social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

      Unlimited publications


      Embed widget


      Standalone reader with direct web link

      Website and Social site integration - Facebook embed, share on Twitter, G+ and Pinterest

      Download flipbook content - for readers

      Unlimited publishing


      Embed code


      Social sharing: facebook, google, linkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, or email

      Embed video, video (YouTube/Vimeo), audio animations, audio, image/video popups, links


      Social site integration: facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Digg, email


      Create zip, html5, QR Code, CD/DVD or USB drive to handouts, distribution or email


      Embed bookshelf


      Works on mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, android phones & tablets


      Add comments, corrections, signatures, highlighting,  photos, designs and drawings


      Annotations saved on reader's computer. Can be read, moved, edited or deleted


      Read flipbook on iOS devices without Internet connection

      Classic or shelf widget

      Multiple flipbooks in one widget

      Custom sizes and full screen option

      Search option in flipbooks

      Single or two page layout option

      Supports internal and external links in PDFs

      Supports right to left orientation

      Read on most mobile devices with native iOS android and windows app

      Read on smartphones, tablets and computer

      Supported by iTouch, iPhone, iPad and android systems


      Sample Presentation

      Sample Presentation

      Sample Presentation

      Sample Presention











      Re-teaching is an essential part of instruction that promotes student learning, motivation and engagement. Teachers should continuously monitor student progress to verify that concepts and skills are mastered.  Teachers should use formal and informal assessments to identify students and their needs prior to constructing a new approach to re-teach the concept. What strategies and or resources are you using face to face or online, to reteach concepts?  How are these strategies, approaches, tools, etc. being used to achieve mastery learning?