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    Why is there a shortage of women and minorities in the computer science industry?



      According to Code.org analysis of BLS 2010-2020 employment projections, not one female student in three states – Mississippi, Montana and Wyoming -- took the Advanced Placement exam in computer science last year.  If we look at this AP participation as a key indicator, then the data reveals that only a tiny fraction of all “STEM” AP tests taken are in computer science and a fraction of that tiny fraction are women and minorities.


      Why is this statistic so discerning? One reason may be that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of all the new “STEM” jobs in our economy more than 60 percent will be in computing related occupations.


      As educators, how do we reinforce and encourage the concept that every student should understand the basic principles of how computers and software operate and interact with each other?


      What are the challenges of teaching computer science to all students? How can we overcome these roadblocks?


      In Intel Teachers Engage effort to increase awareness of computer science in schools, we would like for you to share your ideas, experiences, thoughts and solutions to the storage of women and minorities in the computer science industry.


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