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    App Approval Process


      I know that many educators look to sites like Graphite by Common Sense for App recommendations and curriculum connections.  But how do educators in your district get permission to use apps or extensions with students in your district? Is there a formal process?  Is there an evaluation tool for the apps? 


      If you have ideas or resources please share.

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          I have used Graphite and like how they organize and share information. I've not seen Graphite used in my district in planning for programs, apps, or extensions. Our district policy is quite open - allowing teachers to select programs, apps, and extensions on their own. The challenge here is that after purchase some of these programs, apps, and extensions do not work with our district firewall. It has taken me as long as six months to get some software to work within the firewall. If the IT department changes their "firewall provider" programs may not be accessible that previously were used.


          I have befriended our school's Tech person. I help when I am able (sometimes unpacking boxes, at other times, I move equipment.) I now ask our Tech person questions before I request Software apps, programs, or extensions. It is amazing to get information prior to purchase instead of after something does not work.