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    International blogs you follow or teacher networks

      Looking for just a few non-U.S. teacher/education blogs (in English) that are interesting and focus on effective technology use. Do you know of any?


      Also interested in learning about any nings (such as Classroom 2.0) or teacher social networking sites that you've found useful (U.S. or other English-speaking site)--besides this site, of course! 

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          I am Saadia Syed from Lahore (Punjab) Pakistan. I am a lecturer (English) at Government Polytechnic Institute for Women, Lahore, Pakistan.

          I am teaching Grade-11, 12 here.

          I am effectively using a wiki for class activities. The student I am dealing with belong the most neglected strata of society and majority of students are those who cannot afford to get education elsewhere.

          I have joined my profession with an aim to incorporate new methodologies conventionally Teacher Centered class atmosphere of our Institute. My students have a lot of potential and I am working to polish it further. For this purpose I am using http://pbworks.com and find it very effective for students.

          My wiki address is: http://studentjournalist@pbworks.com

          Best Regards,