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    Getting to know participants


      Many professional development offerings are now a hybrid of face-to-face meetings and a virtual experience. How do you get to know participants?  Do you only have an ice breaker activity that you do the first time you meet?  Or do you have an ice breaker activity when meeting face-to-face and another get to know you experience online?  Or do you have an online experience that they share in the face-to-face? 


      Share your ideas, tools and resources on how you get to know your participants and start the interactions with their peers.

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          My favorite activity is "two truths and a lie." The twist is to have a different person create the lie after they learn truths about you. The partner then shares this with others, I have found everyone seems more engaged than if they are telling the truths and lies themselves. When I look for an Ice Breaker activity, my go-to site is: IceBreakers.ws. They have several activities that I have tried.