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    Classroom Challenge – Formative Assessment – December 2014


      The goal of formative assessment is to monitor students’ academic achievement during the learning process. It helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses and makes it easier for teachers to diagnose where students are struggling. It provides feedback to students to improve their performance and the necessary data to teachers to adjust their instruction. According to Stiggins, Arter, Chappuis, & Chappuis, 2006, with formative assessment, students can use evidence of their current progress to actively manage and adjust their own learning.


      This month’s classroom challenge will focus on formative assessment in a one computer classroom and in a 1:1 environment to engage and provide immediate benefits for teaching and learning.  We will explore plickers and GoSoapBox as a strategy to empower the student and the teacher to support academic growth.



      1:1 Learning EnvironmentOne Computer Learning Environment
      What is GoSoapBox?What is Plickers
      Student response system that supports web-enabled devices.Student response Clickers made with paper that can be scanned.
      1. Confusion Barometer – Students indicate their understanding
      2. Social Q&A – Students submit and vote on the best question posted  allowing question to rise to the top
      3. Real time polls – Create customizable polls
      4. Quiz – Create quiz and download grade report
      5. Discussions – Threaded discussions
      6. Settings – Turn profanity filter off and on along with other features
      7. Students – Students can appear anonymous or by name in settings
      8. Download – Activities and spreadsheets

         9. Small Class Plan – Classes with up to 30 students at one time

      1. Plickers Card Set – Standard, Expanded, Large font, Large cards, Large Cards expanded
      2. Number of cards – 40 or 63 depending on size
      3. Card sets - Same card set can be used with multiple classes
      4. Quiz - Create question and use camera icon on device to scan student response card
      5. Data - Records number of cards scanned and student responses
      6. Scans from 6-15 ft.
      7. Live view - Change text size and display options
      8. Flex panel button – Hide student response panel.

          9. Questions - Add questions using the web or app.

      Let’s Practice
      1. https://app.gosoapbox.com/
      2. Access Code – 556-436-506
      3. Type your name

          4. Click the question to begin

      1. https://www.plickers.com/cards
      2. Print your classroom card set
      3. Download the Plicker app
      4. Create class and enroll students
      5. Create quiz and distribute cards to students
      6. Click Live View tab and scan student response card.

          7. Live view updates with check to indicate response has been recorded

      Let’s Get Started
      GoSoapBox SlidesharePlicker Slideshare



      I am sure you have a number of resources and tools that you are currently using to continuously assess, provide feedback, adjust and reteach for mastery learning.  Now that you have had the opportunity to explore these tools, share a tool, resource or strategy[ that you are using for formative assessment or how you will use one or both of these tools to support academic achievement.