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    Gaming in Education - Why Games?



      "If you wanted to create an educational environment that is directly opposed to what the brain is good at doing,  you would probably design something like the modern classroom."

      John Medina, Brain Rules


      The human brain loves patterns.  We see patterns all around, in everyday life, in nature, in man-made objects.


      …provide structured  patterns

      …create emotional connections

      …encourage collaboration

      Try the following Game links:

      Games Links:

      Arcademic Skill Builders - Fun Educational Games for Kids

      Reason Racer -  http://reasonracer.com/


      4Kids – http://4kids.org

      Matrix Games -- http://games.altec.org/

      Simple Machines - http://www.msichicago.org/online-science/activities/


      Share the games links which you know ...