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    One Minute Wonders


      This week's "one minute wonder" focuses on the critical and essential components of reflection.  I had tremendous success yesterday with a group of western WI administrators with delivering a new "21st Century Administrative Technology Leadership" workshop series. Key modules of learning focused on 21st century skills, ISTE NETS for administrators, teachers and students, and emerging technology tools and resources.  Eighty-five percent of the administrators had never been involved in a >Chatzy back channel chat, reflective >Wall Wisher activity, or Google Form survey.  These essential tools are reflective in nature, which provide immediate and authentic and alternative assessment from an individual and from a collaborative group.

      Aviary blog-innovativeeducator-us Picture 1.png


      The back channel chat provided me as the facilitator the baseline or pre-assessment for the beginning of this workshop, to gain meaningful understanding of the admin's background knowledge.  The back channel chat also facilitated ongoing discussion throughout the day to capture key elements of learning relating to 21st century skills, ISTE NET Standards, and creating and cultivating a shared technology leadership vision. As a culminating and closing activity, admin's reflected on their new gained experiences and insights- providing the post assessment.  My grant evaluator was in the room for the entire training and was thrilled with the immediacy of the results, and now she can easily calculate the reflective statements into percentages if necessary for our required grant reporting requirement to our state DPI department.


      The 21st century skills component lended itself nicely with a >Intel visual ranking activity I created, where admin's in teams prioritized 21st century skills focused on students and educator learning outcomes.  The discussion was extremely thought provoking between all teams and then as a large group.  But the best part, was when the visual ranking activity concluded with a "one minute wonder reflection" using >Wall Wisher as the "essential hook."  The Wall Wisher reflective environment provided administrators to reflect in 160 characters or less and embed a supportive website or media resource to showcase their new learning, and to extend the learning experience of the entire group with providing 20 new resources.  Yes, it was truly a "one minute wonder" and I as a facilitator was elated with the results.


      This new results from the >Chatzy back channel chat and Wall Wisher activity provided an immediate authentic assessment and a lens into the administrative leadership learning process to visually see the big picture of the overall results of the days activities!



      To extend each of your learning for the day- please review the following >Wall Wisher activity idea guide from Tom Barret for the UK.  I had no idea he had created this document until this morning when he sent me the link trough Twitter to share his latest collection of best teaching practices of using Wall Wisher in the classroom- wish I had this yesterday.  Here is also the rest of his >"Interesting Ways" collection of best practice resources, with several pages- just use the arrow key on his page to get to more resources.






      On a closing note- this was my intro video to add humor to our day of leadership activities- enjoy!


      Naomi Harm


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          I had a second day of training for western WI administrators yesterday, and yes, it still went very well, but I had a skeptic in the audience and here is the question he posed at the conclusion of my workshop through an email.  He was referring to the Dancing Guy Leadership video from this original post from above that I showcased in my admin training.


          Don’t take this the wrong way but how do you feel aboutusage agreements and illegal downloads that you are doing by using kickyoutube?It is very interesting where on one hand people are talking about digitalcitizenship (ISTE standard 5.a states: “Advocate and


          practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information andtechnology”) and then the other they show staff how to use a tool such asthis that clearly violates YouTubes usage agreement.


          I came back with this statement:


          Good Morning,


          I use kick Youtube or other converters to be able to use the physical video file, so I can showcase the video in the classroom or workshop setting that would be otherwise blocked in the k-12 learning environment.  I did not "transform" the material taken from the copyrighted work by using it for a different purpose than that of the original.  l am also not branding the video or publishing the video in another fashion to generate money or for a profit situation. I am following the code of best practices in fair use for media literacy in education.

          Here is the site I refer to for this guidance, that you to may share with your faculty and staff if you are interested. It contains a PDF and on the main page, a brief video clip of explanation and includes the main talking points of fair use for educators.

          The Code of Best  Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education



          Hope I addressed your concerns.


          Have a great day!


          How would you have addressed this school network administrators question?  Perhaps looking for some more supportive "factual guidelines or articles" to be able to walk the talk with this individual may help me for future run-ins with him.  Please note- and I know this does not sound nice- but our area networks admin group call this man "Hitler" because of his controlling and locked down network tactics in a k-12 environment.  Substantial educators have left this district because they can not integrate technology within the classroom setting, because all web 2.0 tools and educational websites are blocked.  Just wanted to paint the picture of what I am working with here.


          Thanks for sharing your expertise!



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              Hello Naomi,

              After reading your response, I feel that using many of these tools in the educational environment falls within fair use. As a classroom teacher , the video shown or captured from kickyoutube  is only shown in a well restricted network with access to only the class. The instructor is not publishing this video or even advocating the use of such technologies but, the instructors is engaging his or her audience. As for Mr. Hitler-if he would loosen some of his restraints- we could watch the video as responsible citizens in a digital world.

              Good luck,


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                  Thanks Frank- you are my lifesaver!  I knew I was doing the right thing- but this very aggressive individual will not take no for an answer and he does not like to be proven wrong either.  Here is another statement he sent me now this morning after my response to him:


                  Thanks for the info and that is wonderful but here is a section of YouTube’s terms of use:




                  4. General Use of the Website—Permissions and Restrictions


                  YouTube hereby grants you permission to access and use theWebsite as set forth in these Terms of Service, provided that:


                  1. You agree not     to distribute in any medium any part of the Website, including but not     limited to User Submissions (defined below), without YouTube's prior     written authorization.
                  2. You agree not     to alter or modify any part of the Website, including but not limited to     YouTube's Embeddable Player or any of its related technologies.
                  3. You agree not     to access User Submissions (defined below) or YouTube Content through any     technology or means other than the video playback pages of the Website     itself, the YouTube Embeddable Player, or other explicitly authorized     means YouTube may designate.
                  4. You agree not     to use the Website, including the YouTube Embeddable Player for any     commercial use, without the prior written authorization of YouTube.     Prohibited commercial uses include any of the following actions taken     without YouTube's express approval:
                    • sale of      access to the Website or its related services (such as the Embeddable      Player) on another website;
                    • use of the      Website or its related services (such as the Embeddable Player), for the      primary purpose of gaining advertising or subscription revenue;
                    • the sale of      advertising, on the YouTube website or any third-party website, targeted      to the content of specific User Submissions or YouTube content;
                    • and any use      of the Website or its related services (such as the Embeddable player)      that YouTube finds, in its sole discretion, to use YouTube's resources or      User Submissions with the effect of competing with or displacing the      market for YouTube, YouTube content, or its User Submissions. (For more      information about prohibited commercial uses, see our FAQ.)




                  So KickYouTube clearly violates #3 and as such is illegal. Not alot of gray area here.


                  As you can see- he is "not listening" to me about the statement of fair use for educators- apparently he can not get pass the "terms and conditions" statement from the YouTube site.





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                    I agree Frank and If schools didn't have YouTube locked we could all use it the way it is suppose to be used and we would'nt have to resort to converters. Instead of blocking teach resposable use. There's way more good than bad at YouTube.

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                  I have another "One Minute Wonder" to share with you- actually a few of them if you time ;-) I recently presented at the Midwest Reading Council Conference (MWRC) and had the opportunity to present on web 2.0 literacy tools to promote reading and writing fluency with k-8th students. This was a hot topic and a great turn out of educators on a Tuesday evening held at the the new >Hixon Forest EcoPark facility located in La Crosse, WI.


                  I am attaching my streamlined 2 page handout for all of you to share and use as you choose of literacy web 2.0 resources, but the highlight of the evening is when I broke out the >Livescribe Pens to immerse ourselves in a hands-on activty supported with picture, web 2.0 and the pens.  As a large collaborative group, we broke into " designated animal teams."   Each team had a task to brainstorm and represent an animal in the new  Ecopark through spoken words, sounds, and written text to provide factual information about their particular animal they were representing.  Teams captured their voice through the Livescribe pens and "talking sticky dots" to "tell their story" about their animal from an animals perspective of living in the Lacrosse, WI Eco Park, and how they perceived their actual environment of habitat, eating habits, and socializing with human caretakers and visitors. *(The talking sticky dots I created by taking a sheet of the Livescribe paper and running it through a copier on >Avery round labels to create the dots.  You could also cut out circles or squares from the Livecribe paper and attach scotch tape to the back side of the cut out paper and attach to object as well.)


                  Next, I brought out picture books representing animals found in the Ecopark, and they took their "talking sticky dots" and attached them to different areas in the picture book to extend the learning  within the group, and for the next possible student(s) reading and listening to the new story content through the touch of the Livescribe Pens on each "talking dot.".  Next, teams rotated Livescribe Pens with their books to the next team, and each team interacted with a new story.


                  You really had to be there to experience the true understanding of this activity- but it was a huge success.  We brainstormed further as a large collaborative group, and we came up with creating a "virtual gallery walk" that educators could recreate a rainforest, or a woodland setting in their school hallway or library media center with these talking dots stuck on the recreated environment on the walls for parent teacher conferences.  Each parent could listen and hear the new knowledge their son or daughter could share as an alterative assessment to a standardized test to showcase their understanding of new content that has been presented.


                  It gave goosebumps how these educators came up with multiple examples to extend ALL learners opportunities to be engaged in a mobile activity as well.  Here is an example I received from Holly- she is the VP of Livescribe where I came up with this revised PBL activity for Midwest educators.




                  Here are more examples found on their website and please scroll down the page to preview the collection of MP4 files for more examples.



                  Enjoy- I sure did!



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                    Here is your Sunday morning "One Minute Wonder" wake up call!  I was reading through my rss feeds this morning and came across some interesting finds to jazz up your teaching and learning practices from The Committed Sardine: http://www.committedsardine.com/resources.cfm And I really like the collection of "Digital Diet Small Bytes" as free ebooks (which you can download as a PDF) as instant brief take-aways of using digital tools for an authentic purpose to get at the heart of learning for teachers and students.  I have attached the two ebooks (Twitter and Animoto) for easy access for you to review and use creatively in your instruction practices this next year.

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                      Love the Leadership Lessons From Dancing Guy video and with 422,553 views at YouTube, we're not alone with our appreciation.

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                        Such great points!  Reflection and feedback should be quick and informative.  Thanks for sharing the link to Wallwisher ideas.  Plan on taking your ideas to heart.

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                          This months "One Minute Wonder" is a top 10 tool list collection from David Kapuler.  I met David through Twitter, and then met him face to face at our WI technology conference where we co-presented together for the first on Web 2.0 literacy tools.  Since this time we have brain-stormed several ideas between each other and between our sharing David has created the eBook that I would like to share with all of you that is attached as a PDF. Please share with your educator teams and colleagues.


                          I am also attaching some other "great wonders" that I recently have used in my Intel Teach Elements PBA courses and 21st century skills courses to apply and align grade level specific tasks with the right tools- to achieve great student outcomes :-0 Titles include: A New Way To Lecture, Student Glogster Tutorial, Amazing Web 2.0 Projects, and Web 2.0 Projects- Enjoy- I sure have this past month with these resources!

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                            I also have new "Digital Diet" eBooks to share with you that have been recently published through the 21st Century Fluency Project website- which is FABULOUS by the way!!!  Have fun with these golden nuggets.