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    New Members Start Here! (January-March 2015)

    Bonnie Feather

      bunnyatwork_small+(1).jpgWelcome to all new members! "New" simply means that you have not yet introduced yourself!


      Intel Education programs are expanding worldwide and improving education in many countries. This Engage Community is a place for educators from all over the world to find resources and like-minded educators.


      Please introduce yourself here and tell us a bit about your education duties. Will you be using  Project-Based Learning in your situation? What are some challenges you experience in your teaching? What is the education system like in your country or state?

      We here at Teachers Engage are very excited about some upcoming changes to be unveiled in 2015. We are busy planning and creating new content we hope will be relevant and useful to you. Stay tuned and come back often! We hope you participate in many areas of the community and "Like" those discussions and posts you find interesting! Visit the "About Engage" area, and especially the blog area. It will keep you up with featured content each month. Be sure to search for your areas of interest using the small search window at upper right. Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog especially created for new members.


      One way to find others interested in the same educational topics and questions is to start your own discussion. Look for the link on various pages to start your own discussion, and be sure to check back to see who has responded to you.

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      Welcome! Please don't hesitate to contact me any time you have questions regarding the Engage Community!

      ~Bonnie Feather

      Moderator, one of many here to help you!

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          Dear Ms Bonnie Feather and all Intel teachers engege

          Hi, im teacher from Indonesian.  nice to join with Intel teachers

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            Bonnie Feather

            Hello and welcome to the community! We are glad you are here and hope you find useful information and resources!


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              Hi to all intel members. I am a teacher in the Philippines. I would like to learn more about project-based learning. I had been handling grade 9 and 10 (Junior high) in the new curriculum, that is 3rd year and 4th year in the Philippines' old curriculum. I tried to cleave on my students' interest in class but i usually get disappointed. I need you help.

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                My name is Glen Huffman,I teacher Business and Computers in Ohio. My students are 9-12 graders. I do some Project Based Learning a little more each year. I have been in education for 12 years.

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                  Heyyyy! I'm Beth Madigan! I am an Instructional Technology Specialist in Pitt County, North Carolina. I will be encouraging, and supporting, project based learning. As with any educational system, our systems has it pros and cons!

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                    Bonnie Feather

                    Welcome! Thank you for introducing yourself in this forum.


                    I suggest you look at the Idea Showcase. You can also access it by clicking on "K-12 Free Resources" the scroll down to the Idea Showcase. Here you will find descriptions of some very well developed projects. You may decide to do a whole project or only some activities from it. This should help you get started with Project Based Learning.



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                      Bonnie Feather

                      Hi Glen,


                      Computer Science is a great area for PBL. You can easily work with other teachers to enhance their curriculum as students learn with you. Have you checked out the Idea Showcase? You may find some activities within any of the projects there suitable for your courses.



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                        Bonnie Feather

                        Welcome, Beth!


                        We are glad to have you onboard! If you have any difficulty finding what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to send a question via direct message!



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                          I am what I lovingly call a "retread" from the private sector.  I have been teaching at Bell Gardens High School since mid 1998, and my primary clear credential is Technology Education. For the 1st four years I taught Industrial Drawing and Architectural Design.  I have several supplements that allow me to teach the different sciences.  If I had to declare only one talent, like a personal statement printed on a T-shirt, I would have to say that it is my ability to see the interconnections between seemingly divergent processes and ways of thinking, and to simplify those interconnects to enable others to see them, too.  I use a "touchstone" approach that keeps me tethered to the big idea while digging deep into the small details.  And my years of experience and nearly boundless curiosity make me, if I may say so, very good at it.


                          I am the lead teacher for a Linked Learning Pathway called GREEN, Globally Responsible Environmental Education Network, in it's second year at Bell Gardens High.  We are investigating, questioning, discovering, and teaching others about all things sustainable.  Our students are blocked for Science and their Pathway class, both of which satisfy some aspect of the UC a-g requirements. I teach the 9th and 10th grade programs.  First year students focus on sustainable agricultural practices and related resources.  "How will we feed the world?" is their driving question, and our inquiries range far and wide from aquaponics systems, hydroponic systems, and engineered soil-based growing.  We have the first commercial urban micro farm on a high school campus in Los Angeles County, and we take our produce to the Community Farmers Market.  2nd year students are focused on ways to shake people out of their resistance to growing their own food.  "How will we renew our relationship with the natural world?" is the essential question, and we are learning about the aesthetic as well as practical value of vertical growing systems. We are still trying to find a way to make vertical living walls.  Two current projects are designing a hydroponic herb farm for our CHOP Culinary program, and constructing a free-standing living sculpture for installation on campus.  The 3rd year students will focus on power and utilities, investigate the efficiency and sustainability of available and future resources, and educate the community about the manifold issues involved.  4th year students will be taking what they know out to the community in the form of internships, installation contracts, and educational competitions.  Needless to say, I hope, PBL is a huge part of our program, and I am rejuvenated by the reminder that students want to learn and grow.  We struggle with funding, available time and other resources, but we are making great strides.  Our partner, Alegria Farms in Laguna Beach, California, has been invaluable in moving us forward.


                          Public education is in flux right now with new standards and new expectations based on international norms.  California has rolled out the CCSS and we are in full implementation mode.  The new Next Generation Science Standards have been adopted and the State is working on a framework for California right now.  All of these shifts call for a change in practice at the instructional level that is difficult to quantify, and a fair amount of confusion and frustration exist:  The "Norming and Storming" stage.  I believe all of these changes are for the good, and I look forward to every day.  What more could I want?  I would love to chat with like-minded folks.

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                            Hello, everyone,

                            my name is Kirina Boykova and I am an Assistant Professor at University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I teach English to students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and what I find a great challenge is the fact that Higher Education in my country is still detached from business. I am looking forward to joining the community!

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                              Hello, everyone, i am farkhanda naheed from pakistan.i am educationist and working for the promotion of education in rural areas of bluchistan..i m looking for good friends from education sector.

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                                Hi! I'm Milany R. De Guzman, a school head from a public school in the Philippines. I'm having problems on how to raise the level of proficiency of our pupils in science in our National Achievement Test. I would like to request the other members of the community to help me devise  a way to help my teachers teach science whether it be a strategy or an intervention in the classroom to make science interesting to the pupils as to the teachers. Thank you.

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                                  Hello Milany ,


                                  I am happy to read your query which shows that as the Head you are thinking for developing skills required for this century.

                                  A few suggestions would be .

                                  To identify teachers competencies in identifying the concepts in the curriculum and relate it with the skills to be developed through Science and aligning it to Assessment.

                                  Here I conduct sessions for teachers  using this type of a format. You may like to share it with tour Faculty:


                                  Concept identified      Subject Skills developed    Instructional Strategies used    Learning Outcomes      Assessment




                                  Once this table is completed to give an overview of the curriculum then work on the skills to be developed in Science like'

                                  Observation Skills,

                                  Identification Skills,

                                  Analysing skills,

                                  Comparison Skills,

                                  Classifying Skills,

                                  Application Skills


                                  The strategies for teaching these skills will focus on Problem solving, A lot of Graphic Organisers like Venn diagram, Comparison Matrix, Bubble charts, Cyclic Charts, Concept Maps can be used to help the learner.

                                  Use of audio video simulation / Youtube videos, Khan Academy tutorials will help.

                                  Resources like World Library of Science - Free online (www.nature.com) can be some of the many resources available.


                                  To enhance for  National Level - Planning , Preparing is a must . Teachers must discuss nd see the various strategies you can use to enhance the learners skills . Make a feasible Plan of Action , Level wise / classwise and target the concepts

                                  Create a Science Question Data Bank both for your teachers and students ,

                                  Have a look at the questions , encourage students to ask a lot of questions as questions are far important than answers,

                                  Use cooperative and collaborative strategies in classrooms. UNESCO has got many documents online available regarding the teaching of Science. Teaching of Science for the Primary is a great book by UNESCO .


                                  Allow hours of investigation , observation Hands on learning through projects , Science discussions , science clubs, assemblies and celebrate science thinking learning and creating week .Encourage parents also to come and give talks on nature/ natural processes like agriculture, farming , etc, or parents who are related to science backgrounds. Encourage teaching of science in an Integrated Interdisciplinary approach rather than in Isolation alone . Wish you great Success, Regards, Shyda Senior Faculty , Faculty Development & Research centre ( AWES - New Delhi )

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                                    Welcome to all the New Members It is wonderful to have you all with us. Now we can learn share and grow with a larger audience. Great !!!

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